Coconut oil - superfood for quick weight loss

In Ayurveda this product of plant origin used in the imbalance of Kapha (i.e., the propensity to be overweight).

Coconut oil for weight loss – how to use this product, what diet should be followed?

Product use

Coconut vegetable oil is most often produced in the form of rectangular bars resembling soap. For the production of oil using copra (fruit of the coconut palm). The color of the oil is different – the product can be yellowish or pure white. The oil is obtained by cold pressing, which allows to preserve most of the beneficial elements. In the chemical composition of coconut oil is dominated by polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains calcium, phosphorus, tocopherol (vitamin E). Coconut oil may be food or cosmetic. A contraindication for use is hypersensitivity.

The use of coconut oil for weight loss Coconut oil used for weight loss, using it in the morning instead of Breakfast (for 1 tbsp).

A more simple option is the use of the oil in the same amount, but not instead of Breakfast, and shortly before him. Thanks to the oil you can reduce the caloric content of the meals (the product supports the feeling of fullness).

Another option is to use coconut oil for weight loss diet.

In this case, the coconut oil will substitute for any other fat. Caloric daily intake should not exceed 1200 calories. The diet is divided into stages for the 1st week.

Each of the stages, you can lose 1.5-2 lbs. Coconut diet is not only aimed at weight loss, but also for the normalization of digestion. Diet improves thyroid function, strengthens the immune system.

It is 4 stages.

For the first week you will need to restrict carbohydrates (allowed only vegetables, sugar, flour products, grains and fruits are excluded).

The basis of the diet – lean protein foods.

The next stage is based on liquid diet – it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, eating soups, juices, smoothies, fermented drinks. At this stage there is an active cleanse.

The third stage brings in a priority position complex carbohydrates – it is permissible to eat non-starchy vegetables, fruits and grain products.

The last stage is quite diverse in terms of the range of products you can eat food that was present throughout all stages of the diet. Still excludes alcoholic beverages, sweets, confectioneries, pastry. At all stages of need daily use of coconut oil.

Reviews Coconut oil for weight loss use is quite acceptable – the reviews say that it goes well with different foods. During this diet is also use the oil topically for skin elasticity).published

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