One day, three years ago, I was visiting a friend arrived, and on this occasion we were sitting at the table and ate chicken. We had fun, we etched jokes and told funny stories.
A present at the table, my six year old daughter, who listened attentively and in silence us and laughed with us in very clear to her place. I put on the table a plate and with a particular and all the familiar cinematic tone say, "And this pitcher we roll the dice ..." -and we begin to laugh. Daughter looks at me questioningly, and without a shadow of a smile ... "Well, from" Pinocchio "- I'm trying to explain to her the reason for our laughter (very famous children's cinema), but in vain. Huge little eyes looking at me with horror. "Mom, what are we, we eat Pinocchio ?! "My friend and I fell under the table ...


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