The secret always becomes clear

The history of my childhood, almost Dragunsky. In the early 80s my dad went on tour in Japan, where he brought many valuable child point of view of things (such as a large package of gum, which was destroyed in a record for the Japanese children's terms, Coca-Cola, which I presented a girlfriend as the main gift birthday and dried cuttlefish, which my father pocketed during a banquet).

But the chief was still a tape SONY. And, of course, to my brother severely nastrogo it was forbidden to touch the family domain in the absence of parents. For a while, we have limited the extent of disobedience simple audition tapes. But the tempter serpent represented Bears, our neighbor from the fifth floor, lending our records just appeared Modern Talking whispering that they can be rewritten, and therefore get their undivided ownership. Why should our overseas, chrome, flashing lights darling SONU connect its domestic counterpart, who had Mishka. The operation was scheduled, when my mother had to absent himself for a long time according to our calculations. Bear with your recording device has already started poking wires in all holes SONU poor, we participated together in the process, when suddenly the doorbell rang - my mother suddenly and quite inappropriately returned. Since it was summer and we lived on the first floor plan of retreat was coined by lightning and carried: Bear pulls the wire until I brought him sandals and put on the balcony, where he won the time obuvanie and had to retire with their property. Meanwhile, my brother innocently admitted mom. We have successfully carried out quietly rejoiced evacuation as suddenly again the doorbell rang. Open went mum. There stood our neighbor, a retired colonel, and held the ear blubbered bear with a tape recorder under his arm. He was smoking on the next balcony when he saw the boy furtively looking back with a big box jumping from a balcony. Therefore neighbor without thinking jumped him and led to the slaughter with a sense of civic duty. In general, the secret always becomes obvious.


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