Test of strength

I sit at a party in the large living room. Waiting for a friend. I heard in the corridor there was a roar, then again, then again!
In the living room includes a solemn little girl - 2 years - and pulls the belt bag from a large camera. Stops. Makes sway, bag and an arc with a crash hits the floor. Bam! Inside as if something falls apart ...
Look, grandmother begins to fade rapidly. In my questioning look barely utters:
 - Son recently bought a camera for $ 1,000 in installments ...
I looked at my grandfather - he sits hilarious - as if nothing had happened! Says:
 - I took out the camera, poured there any pieces of iron. Soon son from work to come, but could not resist granddaughter - decided to show you.
I'm looking at my grandmother, stating:
 - Yeah, the effect is stunning! ..


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