If you have not been learned in previous relationships ...

I would like to warn all women a very important point in building a relationship after the previous break.

After parting with the man, sooner or later in our lives there are others, and there are a lot of nuances.

Firstly, if you have not been learned in previous relationships, not to teach what had to learn, we have not developed the necessary qualities, the next partner, sooner or later, begin to repeat the scenario of the previous behavior!

Secondly, a very important point, if you are trying to overcome the scenario worked on their character, then the next man comes, as a check, a demo version of a true relationship. He will test your new skills to the test. Many women are very complain that they always come across "goats", but the problem is that the terms of some "goats," we just do not hand over the exam in a relationship.

For example, a woman living with a man, he did not provide it all dragged on themselves, and he humiliated her even (a typical scenario, actually). She was bored, she psihanula, decided that it is worth more, and left him. After some time, there is another man, and like all good, normal relationships, romance. And at some point he said: "Honey, I'm here is not enough for winter tires, please add me!»

This is the first fitness test bell!

The universe says gently: "Come, my dear! Show me what you have learned not to give money to men and to leave them a solution to their problems! I'm so hard to teach you that in past relationships ... Now you will do it, and you say - I'm sorry dear, I can not give you the money, I had to have plans »

! And if a woman really refuses to help the man, she is given a few more checks in these relationships tend to be more complex, after which there is a transition to a new level. And there's the man or the leaves, leaving a more worthy or changes and he becomes worthy!

If a woman does not pass the lesson, give money, it again returned to "business as usual" and she is forced to live all his lessons again.

After a traumatic rupture of relations we have always given to test!

Keep this in mind.

There is another important point about women's self-esteem and relationships.

Let the girl worked with him, engaged in pumping feminine energy, increased supply of piety, to create conditions to attract a decent man, he worked with self-esteem. And then began a period of relationship building.

The first one she sent - some - some duraleya that never can appreciate a woman

! What for? Universe checks on its strength self-esteem, whether it is ready for a worthy relationship. When ready, it is this man politely say, "Sorry, we are not on the way!»

Then send a better option, but is not quite the one who could really understand the value of this woman. And a wise woman, really conscious of their value, calmly say, "Thank you very much, but I'd like more" - because she is aware of your level, there is no false humility and servility.

Then send a great option, courageous, responsible, a man with its level of development, or even higher, secured and mentally mature for a woman ... and married!

This is one of the most difficult exams, which, unfortunately, many women are "bombarded". But if a woman really Pump over himself, she knows that she will give what it deserves - she would say to this man: "You are very nice to me, but because you already have a wife, I do not want to build with no search relations, because it is against my rules. Thank you for the chat! »

Only after all these tests - comes the same. With him will also be testing, but that's another story, more joyful

Variations previous men can be set here only examples, but the point is that very rarely comes our man at once, especially if you have big needs. The more requirements - the more checks and training relations

! Check - it's very good, we show our maturity level of self-worth. Unfortunately, too often women are included in the first relationship after breaking up, and then pass a lot of lessons in them.

When the absolute readiness to relations of a higher level - a woman can not give checks at all, because the universe sees that it's just a waste of time and a woman is ready.

So I want to warn all women, be careful in new ways, track recurring situations and learn how to respond to them correctly, based on the lessons of the past!

Do not rush to break in the first draw ratio, be mindful, feel your level!

Conceited you just do not give, so this can not be afraid, but to get the relationship on their level of maturity, you can always!

Author: Julia Sudakova


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