When a woman has a strong man

Sometimes in the life of the woman appears a very strong man with a powerful solar energy. And it's easy to feel even backs him fully revoked a woman's body, her mind calm and the center of femininity, the uterus, is filled with warm and radiant vibrations of life ...

Next to such a man, even the most active and dynamic woman with a cocky character becomes a small chick, it suddenly wakes up the whole bunch of feminine qualities, she suddenly wants to cook it, take care of it, clean the house, waiting for him to work and may be the first time in her body consciously sounds, "I want a child of the man».

Usually with this man she begins to understand the true pleasure of sexual intimacy, she feels all particularly bright and strong femininity awakens in her hormone levels. She likes his smell, his body, his eyes and his voice ...

Next to it she can feel foolish and weak, but it is not how much embarrassing, but on the contrary makes to smile at themselves and realize how nice sometimes to be weak.

Next to him, she did not want to argue, argue with him measure intelligence, her first time in my life I want to listen to!

I have a few of my clients say such a thing: "It can sometimes be tough to put me in my place, and I do not feel any humiliation, I buzz that he's so strong, and even a little tight. I can feel its power! »

The woman begins to blossom in these relationships, knowing the power of men and harmonizing through it. She begins to love does not mind, and with all your being female. And apparently it can be completely not her type, not the level of intelligence, not the level of spiritual development, quite different ... maybe even beautiful, but simply a strong, courageous and resolute, next to which her heart awakens to love. As my friend said about this man in her life, "After all, look at him - well strashnyyy! The face is a simple-simple. Well, just a tractor! Only an expensive shirt. And I love it and I feel that this is my man ... »:-)

Then (one day / week / year acquaintance with him), most women make the same mistake: they begin to adjust to these men, to serve, to try to please him ... they are sticky in it

! Totally, on the ears! And then the questions begin, "What did I do wrong?", "Honey, what do not you like it?" "Darling, all right?" Etc.

"What file? What to bring? What a remake for you? »

A woman is able to do anything to keep him. She feels that internally is not ready for such a relationship, it is not yet ripe for herself, and she tries to compensate for the unavailability of internal self-improvement through external, because to lose insanely scary ...

If you look deeper, she did not even need it, and the state of awakening of nature, she feels that it is overwhelming.

Maybe for the first time in his life, and only with him, she felt like a woman!

How can you let it go?

And then start the hyper-effort in trying to be the best, match, deserve ... that separates man more and more.

And in the end, he leaves.

In most cases, these men appear in a woman's life and go to show her how much she is not yet ready for a strong and mature relationship. After all, he does not need a servant, not a servant, but a woman, which can be filled, and whose love can fill!

After his departure, the pain remains, return of an unbearable pain in a different reality, where you no longer feel like a woman to 100%, where there are no more of those strong arms and confident look, where you can not relax and feel ...

Now the woman is doing everything to get away from the pain. But believe me, it is better to live all my life with the pain that moves you forward and develops than to live without pain, and without love.

The pain - it means you have been given longer any energy than your current reserve can accommodate. And instead of expanding its reserve - women try to simply remove this energy from their lives, not realizing that these are harmful to their formation

. One of the women trying to return these men fasting, prayers, and austerity, which only aggravates the situation. In this case, all the austerities, fasting and rituals are just as magic. A woman without a powerful energy will need to uncover a few months to do penance, to at least a day to pull him back. But then again he goes, because the lesson is not passed ...

About omens I will not even write, for the terrible fate of those women who are trying to seize a man by magic! No kidding, but I warn you !!! In order to do not close your marriage house in the horoscope of the fortunetellers, witches and gypsies need to hold on to 5-10 meters! Venus is very spoils the magic can completely shut down the house of marriage and relationships. Look at the fortune tellers and witches - they are hereditary single women. In their lives the man only comes to give a child. Then he or dies or leaves. So you led away from the Lord of the people.

Other women are trying to cut him off, and go to the healers to be cleared from this relationship that does not go out of my mind, heart and uterus ... who does not want to leave.

But that this man will be incredibly difficult to cut away from you, it is he will dream, haunt a crowd of people, it would seem that he is now somewhere appears, from somewhere out, every phone call and every SMS will make a woman shudder with anticipation ...

That such a man in a woman's life brings the most powerful lesson of love and development.

♡ This man comes and shows the woman as it can be, what it is feminine, as in her power ...

He teaches her to live in harmony with their nature, and yet he gives her to see and feel how much love it!

After all, it is his love a woman starts from the very first days of their communication ... It is to him she did not love, not love, and love, and she feels her whole being ...

And that's why it hurt when he leaves.

If you have, or have such a man, then you are lucky and unlucky at the same time in your life.

♡ lucky because things few people in life are faced with a true love, and you were given to love deeply, truly, with all my heart, with all your female creature, every cell of your body. When a woman loves - nothing is impossible for it! This love continues to live in your whole life, it fills your life with meaning. Moreover, when a woman with love and gratitude remembers the experience that she had with this man, you are automatically on a subtle level, it is harmonized, aligned her energy, she recalls her femininity, her nature ...

And if you dare, bold enough and become open itself, allow, to expand its borders, if you accept the loss of this man, but stay happy and full of unconditional love for him - You will be able to be together, and this alliance will be incredibly powerful.

♡ No luck because things with this man you will pass through the most severe stress, with it you will have to pull on a completely different level of sense of life.

And each new energy transition - it's always a pain, crisis and depression

. Each time being attached to it, you have it will take him.

You will inevitably learn to live happily and freely, without being attached.

You will be taught emotional maturity and unconditional love all the time!

But the happiness that you will experience from this relationship can not be compared with any other experiences in life, the love that will fill your heart will make your life full of meaning and divinity!

♡ This man teaches you to be a woman! ♡

He showed you how you can enjoy and feel - now your task to maintain this

. If you want to be with him, you do not need to learn to scrub the house and cook meals, do not need to learn to be worthy of his mind!

It is necessary to reveal the love and sense of drive life, happiness inside.

You just need to become a woman in the full sense of the word, this, feeling, emotional and able to let go.

And when you can easily give it up, but at the same time to keep the love in your heart and the joy of life, when you can be with him and not to lose his head from euphoria, to be calm and inwardly happy - then you will be able to stay with him
Then life will bring you again.

On the other men would be easier, simpler, and this will be difficult, sometimes painful, but you will live, and you feel life is filled with love.

If your life was a man:

 - Learn to be grateful to him, because it is these men lead us to knowledge, to teachers, to God! Even through the pain, but now we realize that it's worth it, right?

 - Do not think about it and try not to forget, just cultivate yourself and your strength

. When you learn to love yourself and be happy - your pain will go away by itself, and the relationship with him or move to a new level, or cease to bother you

! Why do we get stuck on these men?

That is why they are strong like a man, they are realized in nature, and this makes them incredibly attractive. But the same process happens with a woman when she is revealed in nature, when she realizes her depth as she learned to love and preserve the freedom, then it becomes magnetically charming, and she no longer sticks to the men, and builds a relationship on the basis of energy equality.

Now most of the women were moved by the desire to hold a man, but with a strong man because it does not, as a strong woman. In general, energy-strong people is impossible to own them can only communicate on the principle of fusion energy.

So, give up the desire to possess this man, thanking him for what he discovered in you!

Pain will live in your heart only as long as you do not give up the desire to possess it.

As my teacher said in this case, "You gave a beautiful canary, her singing awakens your heart to love, and you come and say," Oh, what a wonderful canary, give, I'll eat it! »

Throw away the pain and allow the love to fill you again! Not that selfish love that gleefully says, "You will still be mine," and one that gently whispers, "God, thank you that sent me this person and opened my heart to love! Now I feel! »

What would be the man you are now live, who would you or others, still, every day, learning to love, and if there is a man who awakens her to you, fill it!

Even if you are already married, but your heart still flutters from the other men, do not throw away love.

Just do not focus attention on the man, take those feelings that he has given you and share with your spouse.

We are entering into a relationship not because of the people, because of their energy and states that we are close to them.

Live in a state of love and gratitude, and the rest - will follow!
Author: Julia Sudakova


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