Igor Yankovsky. Creativity, peace, creativity

Twenty eight million four hundred seventy one thousand eight hundred twenty eight

Public figure, public figure, financier, businessman, philanthropist Igor Yankovskiy known to many people far beyond his native Ukraine. He is known not only because of the policy, although it certainly did not remain aloof from what is happening, but fame came to him largely due to the active life position, to the support of children and displaced persons, humanitarian and charitable activities.

He was born in Dnepropetrovsk region in 1974, received a broad education, including medical.

The main achievements, position in life
Many people know that Igor Yankovsky, the focus is primarily on the reconstruction of the country, to help people who are faced with life's difficulties because of the difficult political situation. Among the main achievements are the following:
  • Organization of rehabilitation camps for children affected by war. In particular, such a camp was organized in Odessa, it has proven itself as a safe place, where they found shelter children affected by the war.
  • Does Igor Yankovsky and business, which he successfully founded in 2001, focusing on the financial sector, Maritime, rail transport, his range of interests were mining, agriculture and even industry. Such a diverse focus has not prevented him to achieve success in each area.
  • He shows interest in and to the cinema, with its submission to the Paris and London were organized the week of Ukrainian cinema.
  • He arranges a drawing competition for children, encourages children to engage in creative work that allows them to better adapt to society, to forget about the blame on their tests.

Confident look into the future
Igor is confident in the future, he is in the Prime of life, full of ideas and plans. If you look at the numerous articles dedicated to this patron, entrepreneur, financier, we can see a great track record of organized activities, contests, charity projects, the total number of tens. And every year the number of good deeds done in and with the financial support of the entrepreneur grows.


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