Igor Jankowski. The basic facts of the biography

Ninety three million two hundred sixty four thousand six hundred twenty six

The name of Igor Yankovsky widely known not only in his native Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. He has a medical degree, and graduated from medical school with honors. Next, he enrolled in scientific and technical Institute, and in 1996 he trained in the United States.


Career, looks, plans for the future
To date, many are hearing his name and many people know that the Jankowski Igor not only an entrepreneur, scientist, public figure, and philanthropist, founder of the charity Fund "Initiative for the future". Probably to list all his achievements, requires a separate article. In particular, he focuses on the following:
  • Entrepreneurship. He is actively involved in introducing European technology and standards promoting the best practice achievements of European business, corporate culture. To do business and also to participate in large-scale charity projects has become the norm for businessmen from USA, Europe. Very pleased that domestic entrepreneurs also adopt these traditions.
  • He cares about environmental initiatives, realizing that the health of each individual, the future of children is inextricably linked with the ecology of the region, the country as a whole.
  • He actively supports young talents, developing projects related to children's creativity.

This is probably one of the most active and determined entrepreneurs that can equal to their compatriots. Jankowski Igor is confident in the future and declares involvement in the fate of the country, not in words but in deeds.

Concern about compatriots
Entrepreneur and public figure well aware of the difficult situation prevailing in the country. In particular, it helps to internally displaced persons, holds events dedicated to the country's return to full civilian life. This media known to man, which is often mentioned in national and international media.
Today, the entrepreneur lives in Ukraine and is actively engaged in the implementation of various projects, including those dedicated to art, cinema, painting.


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