Candles from hemorrhoids: what to choose

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The choice of rectal suppositories must be made on the basis of the requirements of the drug and the patient's condition. The main objectives of the candles are reduced to the symptomatic or therapeutic effect. Symptomatic candles eliminate pain and discomfort, and therapeutic help to eliminate the ailment. Healing suppositories help to relief inflammation, improve circulation and have an antibacterial effect. Successfully combines both directions drug "Anestezol".

The best candles
The composition includes the oil extracted from shark liver. The drug is relatively safe and has no specific contraindications. Having different effects:
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • increases local immunity;
  • has wound healing effect;
  • antimicrobial action;
  • eliminates pain.
Most efficient use is noted at the initial stage of developing hemorrhoids and other abnormalities of the rectum.
Cost about 300 rubles.


The drug contains a rich composition:
  • zinc oxide;
  • benzocaine;
  • menthol;
  • bismuth.
These components help to arrest bleeding, to eliminate pain syndrome, dry sites. Thanks to the antiseptic effect of the candles to prevent the risk of secondary infections.
An important advantage is the price is about 80 rubles.

The tool is used for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease in II and III stages. There is formula: I, lidocaine and bismuth.
The effect of the drug:
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • restores blood circulation and removes stasis;
  • reduces swelling;
  • dries the problem area;
  • reduces the severity of pain.
The price is 230-250 rubles.

At the core of the composition are natural ingredients. The active substance is released from marine algae. Candles have a marked hemostatic effect, helps to regenerate tissue and relieve inflammation. Thanks to the natural composition "Natalise" practically harmless, can be used in children and during pregnancy.
The price of 240 rubles.

The product contains lidocaine which is an anesthetic effect. Remedy has venotonizirutee effect and reduces inflammation.
Price for the package starts from 400 rubles.

A distinctive feature of the candles is the presence of anticoagulants of direct effects: benzocaine and heparin. The combined formulation provides the offensive:
  • analgeziruuchee effects;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • the antimicrobial effect.
Additionally, "Nepean" promotes healing of the mucous membrane and prevents the formation of blood clots
The price is about 150-170 rubles.

The effect of the suppositories based on the influence of Ichthyol and belladonna (in the form of extract). "Betiol" promotes rapid healing of cracks, elimination of inflammation and spasms of the sphincter.
The drug has a powerful effect, but this leads to an increase in the number of contraindications. Among the major dysfunction of the prostate and glaucoma.
Advantage is low cost from 65 rubles.

To enhance the effect, the composition contains castor oil, it effectively eliminates the inflammatory response, inhibit the edema, reduces tissue irritation and relieves pain.
Price starts from 450 rubles.


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