10 minutes a day: daily exercises for men

A series of physical exercises for 10 minutesThe modern pace of life leaves little time for sports. Fortunately, in 1936 in the journal "Physical Culture» Charles Atlas (one of the pioneers of bodybuilding) has published a series of physical exercises designed for only 10 minutes. Although 10 minutes of exercise a day will not make you completely healthy, it's better than nothing, and that will be enough to maintain good form. Well, these exercises can be done at home, and they don't require much effort.Ready to add a little relief to your body?

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Stretching of the spineThis exercise will help your spine to gain flexibility. Stand straight with hands behind your head. Quickly bend and touch the elbows to the knees. Straighten and repeat the exercise 12 times.

Deep squatsWith deep squats work the quads, hips, and buttocks. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist. Sit on your heels. Warm up. Repeat the exercise until tired.

Lifting on socksThis exercise is designed to work the calf muscles. Stand with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width. Go up on tiptoes and back down. Repeat until fatigue. To add load, exercise by putting foot socks on the book.

SqueezingsPlace hands on floor shoulder width apart. Get down as close as possible to the floor and climb back. Repeat the exercise until tired. Engage different muscles and change hand position (wider, narrower).

Push-UPS seatedSit on the floor. Raise your legs, put them on a chair or bed. Raise and lower yourself with your hands, until you feel fatigue.

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Leg liftsThis exercise to work the abdominal muscles. Sit on the floor, put your hands behind you, lean on them, the legs pull, and position as close as possible to each other. Lift your legs up to the body took the form of the letter V. place the feet, repeat the exercise until tired.

BikeThis is a great exercise which involves all muscles of a press. Lie on the floor, pressing the lower back to the floor. Put your hands behind your head. Lift up the knees at a 45 degree angle and slowly start motion, as if pedaling a Bicycle. Your left elbow touch your right knee then right elbow left knee. published 


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