8 stories about what good things are done every day

Fifty four million eight hundred ten thousand eight hundred forty six

Every day, in addition to accidents and natural disasters happen on earth and good stories that are doing the most simple people among us.

We at the Site do not cease to admire the big hearts of these characters, and I hasten to tell you about them right now.

The entire Internet admires the dedication of this doctor

After an incredibly difficult 28-hour shift and 5 transactions of the Chinese surgeon Luo Heng was literally so tired, so fell asleep right in the hallway of the hospital. Photos instantly flew around the Internet, and thousands of people marveled at the dedication of the doctor and dedication.

The dishwasher became a co-owner of the restaurant

62-year-old gambler Ali Sonko 14 years worked as a dishwasher at the famous Danish restaurant Noma, and recently he was appointed a full co-owner. The owners believe that Ali deserved to share in their business, because it has become a real "heart and soul" restaurant, and the restaurant staff fully supported the decision of the management.

In this football team, one for all and all for one

Brazilian footballer Everton Luis was the victim of a racist scandal: during the match the fans of the enemy were chanting insulting chants and insulting banners hung. The player could not stand the pressure and left the stadium with tears in his eyes, but teammates did not remain indifferent — several players walked up to Louis and supported him in difficult times.

A restaurant where you can get an unusual discount

A restaurant owner in Italy Antonio Ferrari decided to introduce in its place a 5% discount for families whose children are polite and mannerly. He says that about 30 % of the parents in the restaurant can't control the behavior of their children, and therefore decided to introduce such a nice bonus.

A firefighter who saved the dog Andrew Klein is a fireman in Santa Monica, United States. One of the challenges of burning the house passed a barely alive dog, but the man kept his head and began to urgently revive the animal. The owners did not expect that the dog will survive, but all ended well.

The waiter decided to help feed a woman with a disability, This case occurred in one of the cafes in Illinois, USA: an elderly man and his wife-the invalid had dinner, but suddenly to him came to the aid of the waiter. The young man sat down at the table and decided to help feed the woman so that her husband could eat.

A Tesla owner who donated his car to save a person On the highway near Munich the driver of the Tesla worth more than $ 100 million saw wagging from side to side Volkswagen Passat. When I approached the car, he found that the male driver fell with his head on the steering wheel and is unconscious. Then the driver of the supercar was rebuilt in front of the Volkswagen with his car slowed down the machine, thus saved the man's life.

UFC Champ gave his belt to the boy who beat cancer a Few years ago fighter Cody Garbrandt met a boy named Maddox maple with leukemia. Cody took Maddox's promise: he will win the title, but the boy needs to beat cancer. They kept their oaths, and Garbrandt gave Maddox his belt.

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