Karin Calabro: Appearance is a direct reflection of what is happening inside us

Karin Calabro manages its own network of restaurants with healthy food and she acts them with the best advertising. At sixty-nine it proves that avoiding harmful and unnecessary products in the beauty works a lot better than plastic surgery.

Karin Calabro often we hear that her trim figure and appearance is the consequence of genetic predisposition. So every time she patiently explains that it's the opposite.

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— Actually all the women in my family with age, gained weight and lived very little, she says. My mother died at forty-nine, grandmother of fifty, great-grandmother — sixty. I only broke the circuit. This is not to say that I was lucky health: as a child I had a lot of digestive problems. The way I look now, it's my personal choice.

Personal choice Karin Calabro relates primarily to conscious choice of food. Because of stomach issues in her youth, she began to drink a lot of vegetable juice and so became interested in plant foods, became a vegetarian.

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This does not mean, however, that it feeds almost exclusively on vegetable salads and sadly chews a stalk of celery. On this diet, she admits, a long time would not last. Healthy food should be tasty and varied.

Karin Calabro began to invent interesting recipes of vegetarian dishes, which would not be sad to watch and davydmadeley to the point that he opened his own chain of restaurants.

After fifty Karin has been practicing the raw food diet so she completely abandoned the cooking and heat treatment products. Unlike many adherents of this system of power, it does not impose this choice to others. Karin says that not necessarily to completely abandon cooked food.

The diet of the average person is now only ten percent consists of raw foods, explains Karin Calabro. — I encourage everyone to become a rawfoodist, just try to eat more fresh.

If you increase this ratio to at least thirty or forty percent, you will feel better about yourself and notice that you look better.

Appearance is a direct reflection of what is happening within us.

Of course, to keep myself in shape, Carin sports, but all the physical exercise she prefers dancing.

I call it "joyful movement," she explains. — I like to dance, and I think it is very important to obtain from the movement of pleasure.published


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