Michael Litvak: People-circles

This version of vampirism is found everywhere. It can be found in the service, in personal life, on vacation. Psychological geometry such people are called "circles". These people try to do good, but often it turns out so do all bad.

 Version of "Honey boy"
Immediately give the floor to my charge.

"For a long time we had a guy like "Bluebeard". We have suffered from it in full. When it finally took off, it took the place of our common friend. We 15 years ago and I worked together. Then his service was held in another city. There he had a good performance. We welcomed the appointment. It can be to go to the office, he always give to drink tea and try to quickly and efficiently resolve your questions.

In General, we got freedom. Things each of us made in the mountain, indicators of institutions become higher, and we took a deep breath.

But after some time came to light it vampire essence. Increasing the volume of cases required frequent absences during the working day. He never objected to it. "No problem, of course, go and do it!" was his favorite expression. And so, somehow, to take time off from him, I approached my partner asking me to replace. Turns out, he got out of work at the same time yet. My partner and conflict, but he is in the side.

He started the custom of celebrating birthdays and other rituals and insisted that we all attended. It was hard to argue. The work was creative. But he tried by the authors of our inventions to do simple performers who were just doing the technical work. So we just included without objection, but individuals, who did not understand that there is something new, and never claimed to be, we do not want to include in the list of sponsors. In General, he wanted everyone to be under a canopy. Some sat under a canopy on chairs, and those chairs were sitting on the shoulders of those who sat on chairs.

After some time, the disorganization was complete. Everyone did what they wanted. The institution has lost its "face", while the overall gross domestic product remained high and even grew. Most interestingly, and to complain of him there was no way. So I hear a remark from a superior officer: "Well, if this does not suit you, then I don't know who you need"".

Version of "Dear landlord"
One of my players having a chain of stores nastradamus rudeness from their landlord, finally I found "cute". They are very warm talked. He showed me the room, which soon freed, agreed on terms, everything was very nice.

But when it came time to occupy the premises, it is suggested to temporarily occupy quite different, clearly uncomfortable nice office and explained that the tenants asked him to stay for some time, and he could not refuse them. But already she even ordered the machine to move. And swear with such a nice guy awkward. Promised all to settle.

My client refused to rent him the room, and rightly so. It is known that the constant is something temporary.

Version of "Dear wife" "I am very married. I have a very lovely wife — told me my ward, because she tried to please me, to fulfill my every desire. The house was in perfect order, I was always clean and nicely dressed. She was very angry when I wore a bright shirt on the second day. "You do not say anything at work, if you're slovenly dressed, and condemn me."

This continued for quite a long time. I've grown accustomed to her care and even stopped to offer her assistance, which it had previously rejected. Sex was also high quality. Everything she did for me, she did with love. It is not weighed.

We went to visit, we came to visit. The last was the most difficult moment. When we were preparing to receive guests during the holiday, I had ceased to exist. "All the best to the guest". And when going to visit, there was a lot of fuss.

But gradually life became more complicated. Had children, ended when all of the maternity leave, she went to work. And at work she was a nice trouble-free worker.

You now realize that after some time it all was not enough. Had to cut the fronts. It primarily reduced the intimacy. Not that she refused me. She just had so much going on on the farm that I managed to fall asleep. Next, I reduced the reception of guests, and trips to visit. But still she was tired. She had and disease. We have significantly reduced procurement of food for the winter.

But to hire a maid I could not, there was fierce resistance. Failed to distract her from her worries about the children. I had to take an active part in household work and raising children. But still time and effort on the intimacy she lacked. But she didn't complain. To send her for treatment was a big problem.

In General, turned into a married bachelor. But the worst thing is that I complain at her, nobody can. My students, both men and women say, "Such a sweet woman! This is a man of God. If you this not suitable, just do not know what your wife needs"".

Collection Milah I have a big. The examples I can offer, but I think, my dear readers, you have already had the presentation of the vampire "Cute". It is likely that you are in my life met one of these vampires.published

Author: Michael Litvak

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