8 steps for full body cleansing according to the method of N..Semenova

Clearing the body of accumulated toxins years, everyone will be able to know what the joy of owning a healthy body. Start cleaning with the intestines, because it is through it also removes a lot of harmful substances.

As with mixed diet alkaline enzymes neytralizuya acids, carbohydrates and proteins moving through the digestive tract nezapravlenny. They pass through the small intestine where some nutrients are absorbed, and part of the film "scum" accumulates on the intestinal walls and walled it suction channels.

The main part of the undigested food when it accumulates in the folds of the pockets of the colon. The colon it is filled with dehydrated and canned product, ready to be stored there for many years. This gut becomes a source of intoxication of blood. He displaces with the provisions of the places of the abdominal organs.

Step-by-step body cleansingthe first Step: colonic irrigationIn two liters of chilled boiled water add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Pour it all into a mug Esmarch. Position during the procedure – on the elbows and knees. To breathe through the mouth, the abdomen relaxed. The procedure is done before bedtime.

1st week – every day;

2nd week – every other day;

3rd week – two days;

4th week – three days;

5-I always once a week.

This procedure facilitates, in particular, to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Step two: separate supply forThis scheme is the key to your health. With its help, everyone can create a menu, while avoiding the dangerous combination of protein and carbohydrates. You can use canned vegetables and fruits. Acidic protein, sweet carbohydrates. Fats are applicable everywhere – according to your taste.

If you want to get rid of colitis, gastritis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cholecystitis, etc. – take on Board this advice.

Step three: our fight dysbacteriosisIn a week or two in the morning on an empty stomach one hour before meals to eat (without bread) garlic clove and a clove in the evening 2 hours after a meal. A sign of healing is absence of swelling of the stomach after a meal. The fermentation process will cease.

Step four: clean the joints5 g Bay leaf dipped in 300 g of water and boil for 5 minutes, followed by 3-4-hour infusion in a thermos. The solution is to drain and drink it with small SIPS breaks in 12 hours (not all at once – can cause bleeding). The procedure was performed 3 days. In a week it can be repeated. Clean the joints to hold in the first year, once a quarter, then reduced to once a year. This procedure will allow you to get rid of the salt deposits in the joints, to weather pain, joint fatigue, etc.

Step five: clean up the liverFor the procedure to use 300 g of olive oil and 300 g of lemon juice.

1st day – on an empty stomach in the morning to do an enema. All day to enjoy fresh Apple juice in any quantity;

2nd day to do the same;

3rd day-the same, but eating the fresh Apple juice up to 19 hours (at this time, according to the daily biorhythm, liver relaxes). Then go to bed, put a heating pad on the liver and drink every 15 minutes, oil and juice in the following sequence: 3 tbsp. butter and then 3 tbsp of juice.

When you start working intestines, will go green bilirubin stones, cork cholesterol, etc.

In the first year of the procedure can be performed once a quarter, then once a year. Such prevention of your liver is necessary to fully and with high quality to clean the blood.

Step six: cleaning the kidneyit is best to spend the summer watermelon season. To do this, you should stock up on watermelons and black bread. This will become your diet for a week. If the kidneys or the bladder has stones, then the most appropriate time for their removal it is necessary to call two or three hours a night. At this time, it is necessary to take a warm bath and try to combine with a meal of watermelon. The procedure can be repeated after two to three weeks to get a result.

Step seven: clear the lymph of the bloodMixture according to the method of Dr. Walker: 900 grams of grapefruit juice; 900 grams of orange juice; 200 g of lemon juice; 2000 g of melt water, cooked in the refrigerator.

The morning to prepare a solution of a tablespoon of Glauber's salt in 100 g of water. And drink it. In the process strong perspiration every 30 minutes drink 100 grams of juice mix. The procedure takes three days.

Step eight: clearing vesselsFor specified stages of purification of the body need to be sequential. Holding, for example, cleaning the joints with a clogged intestine can cause a severe allergic reaction.

A what disease no matter, I trust to the Russian bath. And after all procedures in the steam room is also should begin only after cleaning the intestines. For your information, heat stroke is the reason for the avalanche of arrivals of toxins in the body through the intestinal barrier during heating of the body. published


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