The basics of treatment of the human body

фото In our time are becoming increasingly popular different methods of cleansing the human body from accumulated toxins. Leading experts in this field provide recommendations for a gradual cleansing process. Initially prescribed cleaning the intestines, liver, kidneys: the so-called excretory systems of the body. After this cleaning shall be lymph, blood, and blood vessels. At the final stage, clean the joints with connective tissue. Fasting a Controversial technique that has both positive and negative aspects in application. First not everyone can afford to refuse to eat for 5 days, especially as not all of it is will benefit health. But after examination of the expert, as well as its recommendations for fasting, the method gives a positive result in the cleansing of the intestinal microflora from various pathogenic organisms and the intensive burning of excess fat.

Method mono-diet the Essence of the method lies in the title. In everyday food it is used one of the products selected for you. Products giving the best possible cleaning are such as apples, rice, oat flakes, or any other product chosen the specialist for you.

Colon cleanse the Simplest and common way of cleaning the colon is enema, and as a laxative. A more thorough and professional cleaning is colon hydrotherapy, which is performed in specialized medical centers.

Cleansing the liver Cleansing the liver is usually the result of taking drugs hepatic.
Or use a special procedure Dubai, which is multistage and energy-intensive, not to mention the fact that it should be carried out on the recommendation and under the supervision of experts. For more details on Dubai can be found on the Internet.

Cleansing the kidneys in the absence of contraindications is possible to apply a special diet, the essence of which consists in the ingestion, during the week, watermelon and rye bread. And not primannum condition is a daily procedure of taking a warm bath.

Cleaning the lungs is key to the cleansing of the lungs is a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, breathing exercises, Hiking and sports. Of the procedures that are effective are rubbing, compresses, inhalations from pharmacy decoctions of herbs, using special medical fees in the form of herbal tea.
Let's not forget that the purity of our body depends on the lifestyle that we lead. Leading an active lifestyle doing sports, visiting bath and the pool, observing mode of day, etc., for the cleaning procedure we can use only in the preventive purposes, not leading to a critical need.

Of course, it provides an overview of key methods, but even she can explain to the person the essence of the methods, and not infrequently to encourage a healthy lifestyle and cleansing of the body both physically and mentally.
Important to know that any purification method has contraindications. Basically it is a dysfunction or disease of systems such as: endocrine, digestive, excretory, cardiovascular, as well as pregnancy and lactation.
In any case, before the application of the methods of purification is required to consult with a qualified healthcare provider.



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