A Scottish company has developed a new floating wave energy generator


Recently the Scottish company Albatern has introduced a new modular unit to produce electricity from wave energy WaveNet. The device is an array of floating generators"squid", "legs" which move the waves up and down and collect energy.

Generators can be connected to the node of the three units, effectively creating a large floating grid, flexible in all directions. Moreover, the larger the mesh, the more efficient becomes the generation of wave energy as it can extract energy from more wave motions (horizontal and vertical displacement, longitudinal movement, rotation and oscillation). For example, as suggested by the company, a 1.25-km floating grid of WaveNet is able to generate as much as 100 Megawatts.

Each generator is the"squid" consists of a Central ballast strut and three connected floating buoys on brackets. At the junction of each bracket with the stand is a pump that generates hydraulic energy for any movement of the floating buoys.

Using General hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic energy from the pumps is collected and converted using the module "power" into electricity which is then piped ashore.

Because the mesh is flexible and is connected to the bottom of the ocean at several points, it is resistant to the effects of large waves. In addition, the devices work under water, and they find themselves only a surface of the floating yellow buoys.

Currently, the company Albatern testing system WaveNet on the Scottish coast. Unit has a 6-foot rack and has a generating capacity of 7.5 kW. The company then plans to install a 12-metre "squid", and then – a giant 24-meter generator that can produce up to 750 kW. The cost of electricity is estimated at 100 – 150 pounds, or 160 – 235 per Megawatt-hour.

The company Albatern involves the use of a new system for offshore enterprises – the oil rigs, farms Aqua cultures, as well as in remote coastal areas where there is no access to other sources of energy.


Source: www.cheburek.net


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