12 exercises for the health of the neck and lower back

Back pain and neck become an obsession for most people. The modern pace of life makes to spend most of their time in a sitting position.

Money, pseudomonos, desires and goals that are looming in front of corporate employees every day, making his mind even more confused in this complex world, and the body weak and feeble.

Of course, if you can't afford to work for the same computer on the shores of the azure sea, or in the bar with a glass of Mojito, with all probability you can be attributed to this long list. Then you have to adapt to this wild pace of life and our body.

Simple mode will allow to preserve and to strengthen health

  • On weekdays, you need the little to perform daily exercises on the joints and muscle groups.

  • On weekends — a variety of strength training and active rest. Hiking, gardening, snow removal, Cycling, swimming, Jogging, mushroom picking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, skating — Yes, anything!

Make it a rule in every passing day you must be places of active recreation and physical activity. Even in the long-awaited vacation, do not forget about the rule and don't look back towards the sandy beaches after two or three days spent in idleness under the sun.

That means a healthy lifestyle, so that means the weekly cycle of exercise, which is repeated month after month and year after year.

In this and built the physical database is created in order to be healthy, vigorous and be prepared for surprises and adventures that life throws us every day.

Back to reality.

"The cervical osteochondrosis, osteochondrosis of the lumbar — what kind of loads are you talking about?" Well, then go to your favorite bed and wait for the arrival of Hades. Scary? Let's do it.

The usual charging (or simply charging, which should be familiar to you), which will allow you to be healthy for any disease of the spine consists of several simple exercises:

1. The slopes

Initial position (I. p.) — standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist, back straight.

Do the trunk bending forward and back with simultaneous lifting and lowering of the hands. Raise the arms and bend, bending as much as possible, reach hands to the ground. To return to the starting position.

Repeat 50 times.


2. The exercise is called "pump"

I. p. — same.

Do of torso left and right at the same time, when tilted to the right, right hand sliding down the right leg and the left bent at the elbow slides up on the side (ribs). When tilted to the left, do the opposite.

Repeat 50 times.


Exercise 3

I. p. legs on width of shoulders, hands on waist.

Rotate the pelvis clockwise 50 times. Counter-clockwise — the same.


Exercise 4I. p. legs on width of shoulders, hands bent at the elbows and reduced to the maximum in front of chest.

Alternate torso twists to the right and to the left with simultaneous dilution of the hand-to-hand, 50 times.

On the mental account of “Time!” — springy to take your elbows back, on the count of “Two!” — turn right and springy to dissolve in the parties straight arms.

The same is done with the rotation in the other direction.


5. "Crane"standing on the left leg, begin to swing right 25 times in a row, hands free and not holding onto anything.

Standing on right — rock left also 25 times.

Exercise allows you to train the lower back coupled with balance.


6. Let's move on to the neck

I. p. legs on width of shoulders, hands on waist.

Rotate head clockwise and counter clockwise 50 times each.


7. I. p. — same. Tilts his head as much as possible right and left for 50 reps.

8. I. p. — again the same as the number of repetitions.

Tilts his head back and forth. Try to feel your neck muscles stretch.


It was eight basic exercises. Additional exercises indirectly contribute to a healthier lower back and relieve residual pain in the lower back does not hurt to do every day.


9. Squats with jumpsDuring the execution of squats hands raised in front of chest, while straightening legs and jump hands fall along.

It is very hard, but at the same time useful exercise, contributes to the development of the thigh muscles in “slalom” mode and at the same time — the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Overcoming your “a hundred sit-UPS”, set in the middle of the complex, every time you train, which is also very important.


10. Rotation by hands in humeral joints at maximum speed in one direction twice on 50 times, the other twice for 50.

11. In this exercise, we are raising and lowering the arms up to meet each other. AT 50 times the maximum rate.

12. Press from the floor 20 times.Pull-UPS 10 times (preferably).

Inhale and exhale while performing these exercises do through the nose. This will clear the nose from secretions accumulated during the night.

You do remember that this exercise is in the morning exercise?

Also breaths through the nose with loads contribute to training of mucosa and blood vessels of the nose, and no catarrhal disease you are no longer afraid.

Your brain will get your "glass" of fresh blood. And in General, during the passage of oxygen through the sinuses, according to scientists, it is ionized — acquires a negative charge, the oxygen absorbed by the blood much better. Breathe through your nose.

If for physical reasons you are not able (yet!) perform the desired number of repetitions, shorten it. Ten repetitions of specific exercises morning exercises will make the aggravation of the short and rare. And in 20 repetitions of the exercises — your health will be much better!


The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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