Why men love bitches

Many men love bitches, just breathe on them can not and did not reduce eyes, while the right girls with fine mental organization much wonder – what's the matter? "I holyu and cherish, buy a shirt, not hysteria and not stick with the haunting questions, "where are You? When you?"and he went back to his bitch wife who keeps yelling and pounding it with a wet towel Mordasov".

And all natural.

Sixty eight million three hundred one thousand seventy seven

The fact is that before to meet with his first bitch and love her with all my soul, first born boy mom. And mother with him did not stand on ceremony: if he did something wrong, she never cried over the sink and did not reflect, and gave a slap and deprived of sweet or were not allowed to walk.

Instead of "good morning" he heard: are you a fool? Instead approval is a favorite prophecy of harsh mothers – "Try, and then a janitor will."

Probably when he was a teenager, he kept repeating something like "smell of goat" and "I now you these socks in a bowl shove"... Especially exalted mothers have taken the belt.

Growing up, these boys don't know when the opposite sex with them Lisp indulges their outrages, swallowing resentment and even crying in the back seat.

But, catching the steel in the woman's voice, a commanding tone and words like "I'm starting to lose patience" – they immediately make a stand and only dream that they threw a leash. The so-called bitches don't even have to do anything special, the men themselves, dragging them to the Registrar, showered with gifts and behave in helpful, – more closely than with the mother.

But usually, to form the Amateur bitches of single mothers is not enough. The effect reinforces and perpetuates "my first teacher» that affectionately says: "so to write a test, it is necessary that the child's brain did not exist," "I am 50 years old and working at the school, but such a muddle see for the first time", and maybe even beats the boy with a slap to the fingers or with a ruler on the back. Now these things are trying to avoid (mainly in schools of Central administrative district of Moscow, in General across the country rudeness on the part of teachers is not uncommon. Some parents even encourage it). And then the kid went home and waited for the beloved mother with the words: "didn't think my son will like this mediocrity".

Understand the mechanism? Mother is the first woman he saw in life and who immediately fell in love with forever. The teacher is the second influential woman and its credibility at some point, even stronger than the authority of the mother.If the first two main women of his life were corporals in skirts, he would never like a shy DOE.

Now he's 20, 30, 40, maybe even 50 years, and guess what girls like this guy? Not speculative like, and at the level of instincts, the subconscious, the good old libido. Of course, it irresistibly attracted to selfish, which care little about his desires, well-being and plans. (But sex and children are given to him only as a reward for good behavior). Under their command, he feels familiar, like home…

And how will he build a relationship with a bitch? He will try to please them, catching their eyes and guess the desires and afraid to screw it up – in General, struggling to try to be a good son for your mom. And that, of course, the whole way dissatisfied with something. (And if you are happy – for a short while. But if for a long time, it will cease to excite).

He seems to be all the time something much to blame: low salary, little happens of the house, forgetting something, being late for something, didn't pay enough attention to the problem, or her mother, or her request and off we go: "You don't love me! I'm not some sleaze?"And it is only right. He rushes to make amends for non-existent guilt, earns forgiveness, and then receives another reprimand. And so the circle rather like a seesaw. Breathtaking and not boring.

Sixty seven million six hundred thirty three thousand one hundred sixty nine

If a woman can cause a man happily these unhappy experiences, reminiscent of children's stories, she may not worry about the future of the family.

Psyche works is simple: people want to relive their children's emotions, finds a woman who resembles his mother and is building a similar relationship. The mother was upset with him, he is afraid, and for many years has adopted a tactics: if only not to aggravate. With his wife, too. Fear of losing their second childhood makes him jealous the wife to every post and often, in this model relations are not unfounded.

These men more than people think, than visible to the naked eye, but I almost daily see them in our consultation.

Now, about women in such couples. They love to complain about his bitter fate, to tell how childish they have to while away the days. "I toil", "married child", "I once dreamed that I have a strong shoulder, and then...", "I Have two children: the husband — senior".

As a rule, girls from families where the mother is strongly dominated, and the father was a such a dumb appendage of the family. It's such a family model is clear and familiar.

States quite definitely: if the boy grew up in an atmosphere of love and respect, was surrounded with care and support, he never covet a bitch. Pathological craving for different kind of bitch – a sign of serious trouble in the relationship with the mother. However, the emotional need to be in a relationship with a partner talks about the problems both sides.


What do the men


First, realize that the situation in the relationship with your woman is severely unhealthy, and unhealthy it is for reasons far from romantic and fatal passions. You Bazaar from the great love. The reason is that you as the addict are in need of conflict. Such a tumultuous, passionate, powerful conflicts, against which relations are calm, healthy, "adult" seem fresh. You need to feel sorry for myself, to offend and be offended, so in the end you start to lament: "am I doing enough?", "do I not deserve respect?"and "why me?"All of this neurotic symptoms with bad consequences. And the symptoms themselves are not removable.

If you do not accept the decision and will not change, you will always be in conflict, not to leave guilt and self-pity, the status of the executioner, the victim. It's unhealthy, wrong and fraught, when in the family for years to unhappy everything.

And by the way, don't forget: the person who makes you suffer is always stronger than you. Want to be a wimp?

Suggest – if a woman raises voice at you offends, manipulates, slams doors (and I guarantee that she behaves is not accidental, for it is the norm, and in you she picked up a suitable victim) – tell her immediately that if it happens again, your relationship will end.


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The phrase, after which a woman should not be the case

Mentally healthy men nip all this in the first tantrum, but better late than never and break the paradigm at any stage and duration of the relationship.
Realizing that you are repeatedly attracted to certain kinds of women, and understand why this is happening – you are halfway to recovery and halfway to the woman who will take care of you. Faced with the manifestations of bitchiness – not bow your head, resist the imposed guilt, do not dive into a situation, don't let it happen again.

Of course, not immediately, after a period of migration, breakings of different severity, but your unnatural craving bitch will be mandatory. And you will begin to react like a normal person, not as a supporter of bdsm. The normal person does not continue relationships with don't respect him. However, he did not even start.published 


Author: Michael Labkovsky


Source: www.qui.help/blog/pochemu-muzhchiny-lyubyat-sterv


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