New year: hope for change sells well

Off we go: trees in shopping, Santa Claus at McDonald's. We are trying to create, to capture, to live the New year as a holiday. And manage it all worse. Because the joy and fun comes only when in a relationship with yourself, all is well.

And instead of figuring out my life, we ate mayonnaise neuroses and wonder why the New year brings renewal. Preparation for it has long turned into a holiday where the attributes of the consumed content.

Ninety six million nine hundred eighty thousand eight hundred forty four

Here, it seems, just bought a new pencil case for September 1 kids and shoes "to autumn" itself, and someone has hung a Christmas garland in the window, and she blinks unevenly at the balcony opposite where always Smoking woman in a pink Bathrobe. Two years in one and the same.

Or, maybe, it seems to me that spasmodic? Maybe I'm the rhythm was off and so I think that November is too early to prepare for the New year. Because what is the use of rapid training, if we only know how to prepare, and to rejoice and to let the new into your life – don't know how exactly. And Monday for Monday, year after year I get zilch, not a new life.

Open window, fly into the room two snowflakes. So what? Snow is not New year, it's just snow in November. Then someone's grandma or the babysitter doesn't suffer, cut out of paper large sainidou with holes, but not one to stick on the glass. Although it is still fall and slush. Because you desperately want to have a holiday and reason to celebrate. And comfort, like the picture from the book with Christmas stories.

Sometimes something will catch in the evening – mood: snow falling, a lantern shines, shrubs cast shadows – Yes here in Instagram and posted.

And I wish somewhere it was exactly like the postcard: cabin, covered with snow, cleared the track, and from the chimney smoke rises. But we in the city and therefore sculpt snowflake window, which, incidentally, can be purchased at hardware ready, already on glue and glitter. And the picture, but better than SFII with a cozy cabin in the snow and luminous Windows, on Facebook. Likes and mimimi…

But the feeling of a holiday present.

In the cold marble halls of office buildings, without waiting for the first genuine snowflakes, the reindeer start on wire frames and then the Christmas tree, artificial, as flavor enhancers, and all around, of course, empty boxes with bows and bright wrapping paper. Type gifts.

And lights, lights to energy saving lights. The commercial symbols of New year and Christmas. Pro shops and say nothing: pre-Christmas hysteria – the motor trade. Hope for change always sold well.

Then, Oh! – and now a live Christmas tree was brought in. I want to approach, sniff, knock over the resin from the trunk, rubbing needles in my hands... Trying to get involved. And the feeling of a holiday there.

And then around begins to boil: "Oh, how hard it is to choose all the gifts for the soul!""And packaging! Horror!""And I a link to the website – where you can order just the extreme in the present, suggest That the astrologers? What colors to celebrate the New year? The horror, I don't have yellow dresses!", "You are flying somewhere to celebrate New year? Where-where?""Now already late to look for Christmas tours redeem for six months or a year, We booked a table. No, there is already busy, this is the place!»

"Let's give him the figure of a pig is the symbol of the coming year." And then are these herds of pigs around the computers, gathering dust.

The right clothes, the right parties, the right dishes on culinary sites, "how to meet, so spend it...", "HOW and with WHOM"! And with whom? With whom? – also a question of serious debate... And it seems not a holiday to us comes, and the end of the world.

Actually, the 31st is raining, but that won't matter because we Packed artificial snow and artificial rain, and tired, who flies to the Maldives, who bottle of cognac alcohol on stock buys and celebrates, celebrating to the full indigestion…

Ninety five million nine hundred eighty nine thousand nine hundred ninety seven

But there's no joy.

Because joy is not from the serpentine on the mirror and a well-salted cucumbers to the table. Because all this bullshit empty – eternal anticipation, which is better than the eating, this eternal preparation and a solemn transition from the old to the supposedly supposedly new, but this initiation, skillfully decorated with totems, candles and the clink of glasses.

All of this can and should decorate the life, but does life just waiting: Friday, holiday, New year, then where will the fun in the process? To refresh, reset, latest news and events need a lot more strength and determination than for hanging glass icicles and drinking champagne. But champagne usually all limited.

And best of all celebrating those who brings into his life changes and doing things again and again – not by the calendar but by necessity. Who once to something for a long time to prepare or leave it, he's very rich. Who feels on the spot, involved in the process knows what he's doing something important, even to himself.

Who wants to live in a principle, regardless of the weather, of nature, of all conventions and contexts. And who drowned their desires, dreams and abilities in the hectic days, compromises, consumerism. And because of the many events in his life is not very notice: official holiday there today on the calendar, weekend or weekday. What?! New year? Then again? Wow! Let's celebrate! Cheers and all that.

My friend who is a saxophone player once came up with a new year's event in high spirits and said lovely: "With the accordion was playing in the hospital, at corporate nurses. Oooo! They are! They have faces... And smiles... Real, human. And in white coats. Age range from 20 to 80. We have them play different calm background, so as not to interfere with the reception.

Play ... and here comes the lady strongly says: is it possible that some kind of dance? We think – wow. And let them dance. What started! As they danced! I haven't seen: fun, without ostentation, without show-off, but how beautiful! I kept my eyes closed in order not to get involved and somehow be able to continue to play. But they have serious work to do, sisters. They're there to save lives. Well, rest as they need... And they come to us with Sergei and treated as musicians and as men. With respect. And we left".

Danced and went on to live.

But most of 2 January, the tree begins to crumble, on the carpet from the branch slips a toy, even a small fish, – and on this New year ends. With the thought "something has to change," you lie there and lazily watch the first episode of "the meeting Place cannot be changed" and I hear that missing bracelet snake with an emerald eye, although the day before yesterday already saw the phrase "And now for the Hunchback!»…

Weekend is over, the "new happiness" is somehow not coming. You get into the new year, like old Slippers, suffer post-holiday depression on his feet, and by may 1, wash the Windows, scraped the snowflake on the window glass and criticize the children, because the adhesive is too durable. Well, who puts a snowflake at the Moment? published 

© Polina Sanayeva




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