Diet Polina Gagarina was surprisingly easy! For such a result is to try to ...

< Polina Gagarina - a brilliant singer, actress and star personality. But first of all Polina - an ordinary woman, the share of which dropped events and experiences, close any of us. After giving birth, the owner of the sensual voice she won as many as 30 extra kilos.
Unlike many, Pauline did not put her hands. She chose a new life in a new body: with a special diet and increasing physical loads talented singer is very thin. Now the star admits that does not sit on any diet, but the weight does not come back! Willpower and healthy diet - the true secrets of her success ...

How thin GagarinaDieta Polina Polina Gagarina - an example of strict but extremely effective meal plan During the active weight loss Polina did not eat anything after 18. 00, drank 2 liters of water a day, did not allow himself to drink coffee and tea with sugar. From the singer's diet completely disappeared all flour products, sweets, fast food, fatty and high-calorie food.

She shared her weight loss secrets to other women to follow the great example!

Rice Day

Allowed only boiled rice. Portions - normal in rice can add spices to taste spicy Meat Day

. You can eat only boiled chicken breast. Vegetable Day

Allowed to eat boiled vegetables, vegetables, steamed and vegetable soup. Do not eat potatoes, encouraged the use of legumes - beans, peas, pea porridge. Lentils are allowed.

In addition to the hard diet, Polina Gagarina applied intense physical activity to burn excess fat. Dancing, jogging, swimming, CrossFit workout endurance and fencing - her choice

. Of course, it was difficult to follow such strict limitations, but Pauline spent on such a diet as much as 6 months! The result was chiseled figure and updated look celebrities.

After the diet Pauline adheres to the rules of a balanced diet more fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meat and fish in the diet. Previously, food for her in the first place, and now the singer has changed his views.

The food - the fuel for the body, food must be of high quality and useful, and culinary delights can be afforded only in rare cases

. If you have problems with excess weight, do not despair. Set out a specific target and choosing a worthy example for others to follow, you can achieve anything! Share with your friends this effective diet of the famous singer - they will be grateful.


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