Why we switched to a raw food diet

Why we switched to a raw food diet, written March 10, 2010.

Since then, it took 1, 5 years, and our opinion on any of the issues illuminated here has not changed. The only completely disappeared the need to explain and prove anything. The seeker finds yes. If you disagree, then you do not need it yet.

The average length of life of the Russians 58 years, the Russians - 72 years. The main causes of death are cardiovascular disease and cancer. According to statistical studies, each the number of people suffering from diabetes doubles 10-15 years.

Do you have children? You are not scared, they will be without you, if you suddenly find yourself in those statistical percentages, where a stroke or cancer die very young? And not afraid, they are with you, if, God forbid, cancer or paralysis? If multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease or senile mental retardation? You do not have kids? Do you really believe that, in the event of illness, can take care of themselves?

When my mother first learned that she had cancer, I was 3 years old. I remember very well, it brought me to another city to her grandmother, and she tried to leave quietly, to go for surgery. I remember very well how I cried and cried, probably, something felt. I can not even imagine about what my mother felt when he left.

Before leaving, she asked her sister, my aunt, to take care of me if something. Then nothing happened. She removed a portion of the affected organ, and was able to live another 15 years without recurrence. As a result, cancer still won it, when I was almost 20.

He died from cancer my grandparents on the mother's side. It would be possible to carry out the theory of heredity, but also from cancer at the age of 40 years died of their adopted daughter, and grandparents were not blood relatives.

This post is likely to disappoint those who had hoped for some clever miraculous secrets of proper nutrition.

The only secret is that the human body is adapted to eating only raw foods. Only raw fruits, raw vegetables and raw nuts same. Any thermally processed food (including frozen) loses almost all nutrients, it ceases to perform its functions in the body and turns into unnecessary ballast.

I like the comparison with the phone. If you melt your phone, it will turn into a pile of metal and plastic, you can no longer use it for other purposes. Only molten phone you throw out in the trash, and the consequences of the use of processed foods the body tries to cope throughout their lives, bringing the waste to its limits, but most still accumulate in the cells, vessels, tissues and organs, leading to disease and subsequent premature death.

Colds in children - the first sign of clogging of the body, caused by eating cooked food. During the disease is sharply reduced appetite - the body is trying to stop the influx of poisons to display available. The worst thing parents can do - to make him have a common broth, porridge, etc., to recuperate. Children from birth raw foodists do not get sick at all, as it is surprising.

Now (alas, too late) I understand that hereditary in my family there was only one - a habit of eating harmful foods degenerated. Dairy and meat products to the cooked side dishes were a major part of the diet. From fruits and berries cooked jams and compotes.

As I recall, the only living food at our table was a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers once a week a couple of months a year. Yet sometimes the winter was brought a box of apples, "because there is iron," but I did not like, and they froze on the balcony.

For 30 years, doctors have twice removed my tumor, fortunately benign.

We lived six months with Pauline's parents, and I had the opportunity to observe how they eat. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetable salad once a day are required. Just ate Grandma Pauline, which is almost 90 Sick, of course, but, thank God, it's not cancer.

Dining alone raw plant foods to prevent and even completely cure many diseases. Raw foodists with experience do not know what a cold, migraine, gastritis or ulcer, kidney stones, cancer, atherosclerosis, hypertension and other acute and chronic diseases.

If you do not die in an accident, then it is likely that will live more than 100 years, will look much younger peers, keep mind clear, slim figure and old age will enjoy life and not complain of illness.

Well-known expert on nutrition Paul Bragg died at the age of 95 years, windsurfing when he was covered with a giant wave. After opening the body, doctors discovered that his blood vessels and organs are in good condition, and he could still live a long time. Until his death Bragg in sports, dancing, wrote books, he lectured and led an active lifestyle.

He was not 100% raw foodists, 1-2 times a week to eat meat, but the basis of his diet consisted of raw vegetables and fruits. He also regularly put up a fasting (once a week is short, and 4 times a year long), through which removes harmful substances that accumulate in the body. If he ate only natural foods, he would not have to pace yourself regularly hunger.

Tell us about Frank Pottenger experiment, which I learned by studying this issue. For ten years he was feeding nine cats raw food, and they are kept in good health and stamina.

The second group of cats received cooked food, with the result that the animals had developed all the human disease: pneumonia, paralysis, tooth loss, lethargy, nervousness, and so on, have suffered almost all body systems. Kittens in the first generation born weak and the sick, in the second - there were many stillbirths, and the next generation of cats began to suffer from infertility

. Switching to raw food is complex - it requires a certain strength of will. The less a person believes in the only correct way of life based on raw food, the harder it restructure.

I already wrote that on average 1 out of 1,000 people possessing the information is able to eat properly. The rest of the lead currently various arguments which I will point out below, along with my thoughts on this subject.

1. Why would I want to live a long time - and so the planet is overpopulated

. Never in my life all the inhabitants of the planet will not be able to eat properly. People will still get sick and die early. Good health - the lot of units. Stay healthy and do not burden their relatives diseases.

2. All this obscurantism - a man for many thousands of years is powered finished eating, his body long ago got used to it

. Apparently, that's why scientists are regularly announce the occurrence of new pathogens. Only stupid wild animals living in the wild and never tried the best achievements of cooking, do not suffer from cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and with other diseases, including infectious.

Unfortunate as domesticated animals, which fall to processed food, suffering and dying of the same diseases as humans. Zoo staff write on the cells the inscription "The animals do not feed," while the people eat all sorts of rubbish, get sick, and treated all his life. And no one no longer believes in the ability to die of old age.

3. Miraculous healings from illnesses have switched to raw food - the psychological effect of faith in the power of raw food

. On the example of his family I can say that the Pope Pauline with his chronic rhinitis, endless otitis and headaches was against the transition to raw food, and only under our pressure agreed to try for a period of not more than one month, then planned to return to their eating habits .

The result exceeded all our expectations and it, therefore, it continues to eat raw food. I hope it will always be. (. Upd vain hoped, he returned to Moscow and began to eat again as soon as results -. All disease returned.)

Another example - Masha. From birth she was fed only breast milk, but in 6 months, we, like everyone else, began to try to lure her oatmeal, yogurt, boiled potatoes and carrots, soup, mashed potatoes. From all this it is initially strongly spat, but our perseverance has allowed her to teach something like a porridge in the morning, and other products killed.

As a result, we already had, and otitis media (flanked by an immature blow antibiotics on the body), and the type of SARS with temperature (enough brains not to give medication), and persistent skin reactions for all sorts of products. Now Masha 2 months (upd. On 1 year 8 months) only eats breast milk Pauline-raw foodists, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Redness on the body have disappeared, they are not even after the oranges with strawberries, which are recommended to begin to give, after 3 years because of allergies in children. Masha - a slender, healthy, happy, well-developed child

. 4. I can not do without meat (coffee, tea, sweets, cigarettes, cheese, chocolate - underline). I will be very suffer emotionally.

Everyone has friends, who could not imagine how to live without cigarettes, hard liquor or drugs, but found the strength to refuse. I could not imagine life without meat, cheese and coffee. Pauline could not without the oatmeal in the morning, in the evening of cheese and chocolate at any time of the day.

Now we quietly get along without it. If you clearly understand the disastrous process that causes the use of these products, failure to pass fairly easily.

In any case, it is better for a while, until a change in eating habits, suffer emotionally, than a lifetime to suffer from chronic diseases and torturing relatives.

5. If I get sick, will be treated by drugs, I believe the official medicine.

Official medicine has been mainly symptomatic treatment, which is aimed at addressing specific manifestations (symptoms), because trigger mechanism of most diseases is not known, although a habit to explain hereditary genetic factors.

Anyone on your own body to try out the effect of raw food is brought to the fact that the cause of absolutely all diseases -. In patients with degenerative cells formed in the organs of power as a result of degenerated food

In America, the raw food diet includes more and more people - open specialized clinics and syroedcheskie restaurants, workshops and lectures. One of the famous raw foodists - Demi Moore. She loves herself and appreciates his life.

6. If this method really works, why it is silent WHO, doctors, medical officials? Why no one has yet given the Nobel Prize?

It is human nature to deny that it is contrary to the established world view (remember Galileo). Doctors, like most people, are not able to get rid of the deadly culinary according to test the system on your own body.

To become a doctor, you need to learn a lot longer and better than many other professionals. Doctors continue to improve in the profession throughout their lives, and they are harder than anyone to realize that an apple or carrot can make more miracles than all their experience.

And finally, any state disadvantageous to have the population, eating raw food. How many people are involved in animal husbandry, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, in medicine. Some doctors (plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, trauma, and others) will be in business, and the other where? How many people are engaged in advertising and promotion of medicines and food. And if they still live to be 120 years old, where to take so much money in retirement?

7. The meat are essential amino acids, vitamin B12 and some trace elements are not present in plant foods.

Defends this confusion is often cited as an example vegetarians and vegans, many of which can not boast of good health. In fact, vegetarians, eating processed foods, experiencing a lack of vital substances, as well as adhering to the meat diet.

Elephant - herbivore, his diet stingy. Despite this, the elephant suffers from degeneration or lack of calcium - his body and huge tusks

. Vitamin B12, despite the errors, not necessarily receive exclusively with meat. Like many others, this vitamin is produced by microorganisms in the digestive tract of animals and humans, otherwise where would he take in meat cows, if she does not eat meat.

But to your digestive tract microorganisms can synthesize all the necessary substances, of which science was able to allocate only a very little as a few tens of elements, it is necessary to stop to fill up the digestive tract of decaying animal and starchy food.

8. If I want meat or sweet, so my body is needed. Nature can not be wrong.
I'll tell you about the one experience. Unfortunately, I do not remember the source, but those who are interested in the topic can read the not numerous books on the subject and find themselves.

Laboratory rats were offered a choice of raw or boiled eggs. Rats prefer boiled. Half of the rats began to feed boiled eggs, others fed raw. Rat-raw foodists rat lived a long life without disease, others were ill and died in 2 times faster.

This experience proves that even the animal instinct is not able to distinguish the useful from the harmful, what can we say about a man who got rid of thousands of years of their natural instincts.

I think almost everyone who has read this far, it will be interesting to see how the raw food cure existing disease and warns the new. Unfortunately, just as scientists do not have a reliable idea of ​​the nature of disease, I do not have a reliable description of this mechanism, otherwise I would have shared with you.

In this case, the important thing is that it works. If desired, the internet can find enough information on the subject. For example, there is a good selection of links.

Finally, I bring a replica of one of the forums about the raw food diet:

Most will never know the truth. 99% of those who knows - will not accept it. But that it becomes the other. Because it is only to admit the idea that somewhere in the modern conception of health and nutrition lies the catch, like a wall, so carefully protects us from the truth begins to crumble under the pressure of an avalanche of conclusive evidence and concrete arguments on the nature of that it is impossible to ignore.

And one can only wonder why I have not thought about it before, because everything is so simple? And, in principle, it is known to everyone from school, but for some reason seen from a different angle and, therefore, were buried under the mass of the companion informational trash? He who has ears, let him hear ...

Many of those who are aware of this simple truth, learned it too late - already irreversible changes in the body. Many so can not completely get rid of the tenacious habits, which podsazheny before birth. Many break down under the pressure of "love" of family and friends.

But to treat it as soon as they are in any case can not, because it is already impossible to erase from the brain the knowledge of who we really are, and what would be, if aware of this from the beginning.

Yes, we were brutally raped. But you have so far, and you do not even know. Well, I am happy to continue in their ignorance, and live as they lived. If this can be called life.


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