17 health indicators in the transition to a raw food diet!

C transition to a raw food diet ends continuous poisoning of the organism and begins its purification and energy food. Each cell in the body is already beginning to receive solar energy and the necessary nutrients. The human body, eating normally, begins to function normally and, as it is seen in a variety of phenomena. These are signs of positive results that could be detected through careful observation, polls and surveys raw foodists:

1. complexion and skin improves.
2. The growth of hair and nails is accelerated.
3. Taste and smell develop.
4. Voice, hearing and vision improved.
5. The body weight is normal.
6. The muscles are strengthened.
7. Movement of the body is facilitated.
8. Language cleared is normal color.
9. Halitosis and away from the skin is destroyed.
10. The work of the stomach and intestines is "normal.
11. Circulation improves.
12. Nerves calmed.
13. The state of health significantly improved.
14. Chill body is destroyed.
15. Memory is improved.
16. The efficiency increases.
17. Endurance increases.
Under normal working endurance should be understood produced daily 8-hour job without much fatigue and deterioration of mood.

of the 1931 book "Raw Food AND COOKING (300 recipes)"


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