Cucumber soup.

Cucumbers - 2 pcs.
White bread - 50 grams
Garlic - 2 cloves
Olive oil - 2 tablespoons
Low-fat yogurt - 500 grams
Onions - 1 small or half a large head
Walnuts - 150 grams
Mineral water - 100 ml
Clear the cucumbers and cut them into small cubes. Beat in a blender until a homogeneous mixture of nuts, along with bread, mint, garlic and onion.

Content blender mix it with yogurt, add the sliced ​​cucumbers and mineral water. Salt and pepper to taste, stir everything.

Before serving spill cucumber soup on plates and decorate with fresh onions and walnuts.

Also in this soup, you can add any herbs all summer beauty that can be found in the garden. Improvise and amaze yourself with new flavors that can be obtained from the banal seemed ingredients.


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