The student learned only 1 question 56. As he passed the exam — it was a show!

Exams are a huge stress for any person. The editors of the Website knows how important knowledge, but does not deny that luck also plays an important role in the difficult task of answering tricky questions teachers!

It was the year in 2000., University calculus exam. One of my classmate, nicknamed the eagle was not strong in calculus and learned only one question of 56. And — about a miracle! — in the ticket and his question was caught, however, at number two.

He went to the Board, asked permission to start with question number two on the ticket. Surely all told on the subject, and even formulas on the blackboard wrote. Now it's time to answer question number one. But then the unexpected happened: while the eagle was diligently erased from the Board, in the audience looked a graduate student and handed to the teacher that it urgently calls the rector.

The teacher instructs the aspirant to replace it for a few minutes, and, fleeing, says: "the eagles have one question from the ticket told". Then we all began to wonder how it is now will meet the eagles. And he turns around and says: "now, question number two!"

We were stunned and were listening to the same topic a second time! So brilliantly Unscrew our heads and "well" received!



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