Sister Anna: a joke about a nun, which was not so simple!

The website tells a cool joke! A man sits in a cafe. Leavens. A passing nun.

Catches sight of the man and said reproachfully:

How can you waste your life in the home
fornication and debauchery!

— There is no debauchery, sister...

— Anna, who meets a nun.

— Yes, sister Anna. Everything is fine. I just drink.

And it's disgusting to the Lord, says the nun.

— You, sister Anna, you ever tried it? — asks the man.

— No! indignantly exclaims the nun.

— How can you say that? — asks the man. — Here, I now
I'll buy you a drink and you can try...

— Never! So people saw a nun drinking alcohol?!

— I will ask that you poured into the Cup, the guy says.

The nun reluctantly agrees...

The man walks to the counter and says:

— Hey, give me two glasses of vodka, but one pour in a tea Cup.
The bartender turns:




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