"Ghettopoly": 5 prohibited table games on the vices of society

The editors of the Site offers the reader a small selection of Board games banned in the US. In fact, they were born in the USA, but to international fame did not, and now you will understand why. "What for roach?"

It is made the type of "Monopoly", but no banks, factories, ships, players do not buy. Just some play for honest hard workers who work from dawn to dusk for one salary, and others — play for those who live on all sorts of benefits. Simulation of a parasite, so to speak. The highlight of the game that benefits the "parasite" is paid for by money earned by hard-working.

The game appeared in stores in the late eighties and immediately became a bestseller. But then came the public outrage, more precisely, the part which lives on different benefits. And the public in the United States is very numerous, and one and all active voters.

In General, the game was banned, not to incite hatred towards a social group "parasites".

Simulation game of life in a Negro ghetto "Ghettopoly"

In this game you have to join the gang, to organize the drug trade, protect prostitutes, etc., for example, the inscription on one of the cards: "You got neighbors on crack and now each turn you get 50 bucks."

Well, of course, a storm of indignation from the black community, and the game was banned, so as not to incite hatred towards a social group "blacks selling crack".

The game "Serial killer"

The player's task — to kill as many people as possible and not to fall into the hands of the police. Banned almost immediately after release. But managed to sell almost a million copies.

The game "War on terror"

The name of the good. Spiritual and Patriotic. But the essence? This game is the type of "Civilization." Take the country and lead it to world dominance. It seems to be nothing, but there is one caveat: the players to achieve world domination there is such option — "financing of terrorism".

The game is "Crime and punishment"

One player plays for the Prosecutor, the second for the lawyer. Offers four criminal, a murderer, a rapist, a drug dealer and a kidnapper.

The task of the Prosecutor — roll them for a longer period or even on the electric chair. The task of the lawyer, accordingly, to achieve the least possible time or full justification.

Game banned for inciting hatred towards a social group "lawyers".

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