16 photos of what moms everywhere and always remain mothers

The love and care of mom don't know no boundaries in the human world nor in the world of animals. After all, the tenderness of a mother for her child — no matter who the baby rabbit, penguin or bear, is endless.

The website found photos of moms from around the world, on which so much warmth and affection.

Everyone knows that the most gentle kisses — mom's

Mom will always listen and give advice

Yes, sometimes it can be hard

But moments you're worth

Mom wants to purr with pleasure

Because the mother is the most affectionate

And a lot to teach

She loves you with all of your "cockroaches"

And hide me from all adversity

Mom is with you from childhood

It's always warm. And the soul is also

I want to plunge into her tender

And sometimes just to hug her without words

And spend some time together

Mom's support in the most difficult undertakings

Because it is the most

Photo preview AMANDA KOPP / National Geographic

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