Let's see how different actors of the series "Sex in the city" for 18 years

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The series "Sex and the city," appeared in 1998, and its bright heroine immediately won the hearts of millions of viewers. Many fans have already managed to miss a sincere friendship, friends, their conversations and fascinating stories.

Site offers a look at how things have changed in 18 years favorite heroine, their lovers and friends.

Sarah Jessica Parker — Carrie Bradshaw

Kim Cattrall — Samantha Jones

Kristin Davis — Charlotte York

Cynthia Nixon — Miranda Hobbes

Chris Noth — Mr. Big

David Eigenberg — Steve Brady

John Corbett — Aidan Shaw

Evan Handler — Harry Goldenblatt

Willie Garson — Stanford Blatch

Kyle MacLachlan — Trey MacDougal

Jason Lewis — Jerry Jerrod

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