Lifting massage of the face, lifting cheeks

Fleshy cheeks, hangs down under the action of gravity, nasolabial folds, thickened nose, and General puffiness of the face – all of this nasty manifestation of age-related changes.

Takashi Isamu (Isamu Takashi), a Japanese specialist in massage, acupuncture and acupressure, author of books on beauty, says that following a little massage of the cheeks, which is a total of only 1 minute, will help to cope with these negative manifestations on the face, and give cheeks a fresh and youthful appearance.

Points affect:


Step 1. Place the index finger of the left hand on the point of acupressure to the right of the nose and press lightly (tap).


Step 2. Place your thumb of the right hand on nearby acupressure point directly under the cheekbones and press.


Step 3. The index finger of the right hand click on acupressure point under the eye. Thus between your thumb and index finger will be the Apple of the cheeks.

A little squeeze point in the direction towards each other.


Step 4. Smile and take a slow exhale through the nose.

During exhalation, pull the right hand point together with the grasped Apple cheeks to the side and diagonally slightly upward by 1 cm, the left thumb continues to press the point near the nose.

Hold this position for a few seconds then relax and take a breath.

Do the exercise on the other side of the face. Repeat 3 times on each side.

Immediately after the exercise you will feel the lift in the cheeks.

This massage takes a little more than 1 minute. Do it daily. published


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