If you are constantly thinking about what you don'T like, it will definitely be in your life

You have no right to condemn and change in this world. All you need to accept the exhibits in the Museum, whether you like them or not. The Museum can be a lot of exhibits that you do not like. However, you do not come to mind to require them out. After you have recognized the right of the pendulum to exist, you have the right to leave him, not to succumb to his influence. But the main thing is not to fight it, not to condemn, not to be angry, not to lose your temper, because all this will signify your participation in the game. On the contrary, it should be easy to take him for granted as an unavoidable evil, and then to leave him. With rejection in any form, you are giving energy to the pendulum.

©Tomasz Alen kopera Before to understand what it means to choose, should learn to refuse.People typically vague idea of what they want. But just know you don't want.Trying to get rid of unwanted things or events, many do so that it turns the opposite. To unsubscribe, you need to take. The word "receive" here means not to admit to himself, and to recognize the right to exist and indifferently pass by. To accept and to let go means to let through and wave goodbye to handle. On the contrary, to take and leave – it means to admit to himself, and then bind either to resist. If you are bugged thoughts about what you don't like, it will be in your life. Imagine that one person does not like apples. He simply hates him sick from them. People could just not pay attention to them, but he was not satisfied with the fact that in a world in which he lives, there is such muck, as apples. They irritate him every time catch the eye, and he actively expresses his disgust. It is on the material level. However, on an energetic level this is similar to how people eagerly pounced on the apples, stuffing his mouth, slurping loudly and shrieking that he hates them, fills his pockets, gags and complains again as they bore him. Man can not think that you can just throw apples from his life, if he doesn't want them. You love something or hate it, it doesn't matter. Most importantly, if your thoughts are fixated on the object of your feelings, the energy of thoughts is fixed at a certain frequency, so you end up captured by the pendulum and move to the appropriate line of life, where the object of fixation is present in abundance. If you don't want to have something, just don't think about it indifferently pass by, and it will disappear from your life.Out of life means not to avoid and ignore. To avoid, then to admit in my life, but actively try to get rid of. To ignore means not to react, and therefore may not have. Imagine that you – the radio. Every day you Wake up and you hate listening to the radio – the world that surrounds you. So move to another frequency! You may find that by installing an iron curtain between themselves and the world, you will protect yourself from undesirable pendulums. This is nothing more than an illusion. Being in an iron shell, you say to yourself: "I am a blank wall. See nothing, hear nothing, know nothing, say nothing to anyone. To me there is no access." To maintain such a protective field, you must expend energy, and considerable. A man trying deliberately to isolate themselves from the world, constantly in tension. In addition, the energy of a protective field is tuned to the frequency of that pendulum, against which protection is aimed. And the pendulum this is what you need. He didn't care what you are giving energy – with desire or not. What, then, is the protection of atematika? Emptiness. If I is empty, I have nothing to catch. I did not join the game of the pendulum, but not trying to keep it away. I just ignore it. The energy of the pendulum flies, not touching me, and dissipated into space. Game pendulum I don't care touches. To him I'm empty. The main task of the pendulum is to attract more followers and to get the energy from them. If you ignore a pendulum, it will leave you alone and switch to others, because it is only valid for those who accept his game, that is, starts to radiate at its frequency. The most glaring example. You stuck with a barking dog. If you turn around, she barks even louder. If you took it seriously and begin to bicker with her, she will long for you to run, because its purpose is to find people quarreling. But if you ignored her, she will switch to another object. And notice her even in a head will not come to resent you for what you did not pay attention to her. She's too engrossed in what order to get the energy to think about something else. If a dog to replace a quarrelsome person, this model will work exactly the same. In one school in the Junior class studied the boy, who loved all cock. He says who words, who matter, and in any case he was getting pleasure from it. He's literally all "took" and no one knew how to get rid of it. But surprisingly, in the class there was a girl that he didn't. No, he doesn't to her liking, but not touched. The teacher could not understand why. It turned out, the girl just didn't pay the bully any attention. For her it simply did not exist. Other children are always adequately respond to his antics, responded to provocation, in other words the radiated energy at the frequency of the pendulum. So unwittingly, the children were committed to this provocateur, and he basked in their energy. Proponents in this case are not fans. For the pendulum is indifferent, love it or not. Most importantly, give him power. If someone pesters, try on a model of a destructive pendulum, she'll probably have him fit. If you are unable to repay it, then just don't respond to provocation – ignore it. He will not leave you until, until you stop to give him their energy. Energy you can give directly engaging with them in a dispute, and indirectly, silently hating. Stop give energy means not to think about it at all, out of my head. Just tell yourself, "Yes the dog with him!", and he will go out of your life. Frequently, however, simply ignore the pendulum fails. For example, the chief calls you on the carpet. Refusal or defense will mean a loss of energy, since both are wrestling matricom. In such cases you can pretend that come into play pendulum. The main thing that you were aware that entering into a game of pretend. Imagine how hefty fellow swings at you with a sledgehammer, and with all his might strikes. You have nothing against it, do not defend or attack. At this point, you just quietly step aside and the fellow with the sledgehammer flying into space. This means that the pendulum can not for you to hold on and falls. This principle is the basis of Aikido. There's literally happening next. Take the attacker under the arm, go together with him, as if seeing, and then easily released and sent to fly in the wrong direction, which was sent to his energy. The secret is that the defender doesn't have anything against the attack. He agrees with the line of the attacker, goes with him for a while and then let go. The energy of the attacker falls through to emptiness, because if the defender is "empty", then it is nothing to catch. The technique of this soft of withdrawal is that on the first attack of the pendulum you say Yes, and then back down diplomatically or gently direct the movement in the desired direction. For example, excited boss wants to burden you with work, and vigorously demands that it was done exactly as he said. You know what to do differently, or even it is not your responsibility. If you start to object, to argue, to defend it in a rigid form will require obedience. After all, he decided, and you go against him. Do the opposite. Listen carefully, agree with everything, let dry out the first impulse. And then quietly begin to discuss with him the details of the work. At the moment you took the energy of the boss and radiate at his frequency. His momentum, unopposed, for a while it gets stuck. You don't tell him that I know better how to do this work, do not refuse do not argue. You just consult with the head about how you could do the job faster and better, or maybe another artist will do it better. You swinging along with the pendulum, but do it consciously, not participating in the game, as it were, watching from the sidelines. He swings, completely immersed in the game. This is his game – he makes the decision, and agree with him and the Council. You will see that the energy is first focused on you will go in the direction of other decisions or other performer. Thus the pendulum for you personally will fail. You only need to be careful in the application of this method to individuals, not to stoop to the meanness of the ordinary.published

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