Saving disease it is VITAL to know about the flu and colds

Modern official medicine adheres to the concept of viral origin and occurrence of colds, influenza, and other respiratory diseases. In this regard, she practices appropriate – mostly – drug methods of dealing with these diseases aimed at suppressing viral infection and destruction of microbes as pathogens.

However, the multiplicity of strains of the same influenza excludes the possibility of reliable and effective treatment in this approach, makes uncertain the timing of the deliverance of people from this disease.

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The root causes colds, writes L. Thomson, rooted in everyday mistakes and blunders of what we call civilized life. The less we committed such errors, the less often and with less intensity are ailments.

In each individual case are, in his opinion, three, four or more different and important factors. In England, for example, the most common cause is overeating carbohydrates – starches and sweets. Often added to this comparative lack of fresh, natural foods. Also widely spread, even among minors – excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It is unlikely that any one of these moments by itself, sufficient to cause the condition of stiffness in the body, which precedes the cold. However, when simultaneously operate two or more factors, things are getting worse. If to the above, add lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, and to crown this excessive nervous and emotional stress, we get a pretty common set of reasons for the common cold.

But the problem, emphasizes L. Thomson, extremely becomes complicated when the continuous efforts of the body to cope and to minimize the detrimental impact of these factors prevent the use of drugs.

A cold does not need “treatment”, it needs proper understanding. The flu is not a “disease” is his own body on samoistselenie from the preceding malaise.

L. Thomson gives the following classification of influenza: respiratory, gastrointestinal, nervous, feverish. Incorrect treatment of all these types of flu can lead to complications such as respectively a long respiratory ailments, chronic gastrointestinal and liver diseases, brain spasms and inflammation, other diseases of the nervous system and impairment of vision, weakening of muscles, heart, lungs and other organs.

How should one treat the flu and colds?

When shown a painful condition L. Tomson advises rest for a couple of days in bed without any food (allowing only sucking water). Usually the patient is restless, cervical muscles had harden and tense. Their simple massage can bring significant relief. Or do you need to put a compress on the neck and back. Such compresses should be changed every 1.5 – 2 hours. If the headache is strong and does not abate, acceptable soft “symptomatic treatment” – with a hot water bottle to the feet (this diverts the excess blood from the head).

In severe cases, the patient may remain in a lethargic condition until comatose. Then assume a broader compress: wrap the patient in a small wet sheet, then in a blanket. As soon as the first acute attack will take place (usually 24-48 hours) and the temperature is normalized, we can offer a light meal – sweet fresh fruit, salad, etc. the Fluid is only a little sucking, she should be neither cool nor hot, nor sweet. Completely eliminate sugary beverages.

By this time the need is often exchangeable packs passes, and enough to make three compress for 24 hours – morning, afternoon and evening. The patient felt relieved, like he thinks he's healthy again. In this euphoric state he is inclined to take a strong physical and mental activity. Then easily lead to a cooling of the body. Maybe if he knows how to behave, you will begin to recover.

But, as a rule, if any (excluding the light) cold comes the second stage. It is usually less acute and less intense compared to the first, but more time-consuming.

For the patient characteristic apathy and General depression. At this stage discomfort also can be reduced significantly by minimizing the amount of food and water and protecting the patient from unnecessary physical and emotional stress, including prolonged TV viewing.

So, in a nutshell recommendations with typical influenza, concludes L. Thomson, are as follows:

and) no food during the first 48 hours (including such seemingly innocent liquids such as fruit juices and milk)

bel) quiet rest in bed while there are manifestations of fever and chills. No visitors, no solutions for the head. Forget about the world

in) compresses on the lower back and neck by applying them with skill,

g) no stimulants, whether it's food, fluid or medication,

d) do not hesitate to go back to bed immediately if sitting posture is tiring, but also avoid cooling,

e) always remember that the flu is a sensible effort of the body to throw out toxins and restore balance,

as) there is no danger in influenza subject from the very beginning of the recommendations. Do not attempt to prevent something that tries to do the body,

z) fear is more dangerous than the fever, the understanding it takes.

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Not only to cold but also to other microbial diseases naturopathy is suitable in the same way. It is the Nature made us this way – to get rid of the previous unhealthy condition with the aid of microorganisms. (There are, however, alternative: advance to go hungry. Of course, if you know how!)

The great physician A. S. Zalmanov, very close in their views to naturopathy, back in 1958 coined the formula: “there is no disease without the prior deep fatigue”.

“According to our understanding, he wrote, for the onset of the disease requires a degree of fatigue, leading to a decrease in the supply of oxygen and the accumulation in body fluids toxic, non-derived substances. When all of these conditions occurs the degeneration of cells, tissues and organs. A large part of degenerated cells die, their microcopy, decaying, increase the number of protein toxins, and different races of germs in the body multiply and begin its gravediggers”.

In this previous infection “third” state (neither sick nor healthy) body is waiting for the coming of the “graduates” to clean it from the sick and dead cells, from protein debris, which littered with intercellular spaces. He waits as liberators bacteria and viruses (even known as deadly), keeping the doors open.

Just like Pushkin's Tatiana, "She was waiting for someone. And he came..."

Infection do not visit us if feeder for micro-organisms we keep the empty... Remember that even in times of epidemics not all sick.

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What happens to the human body, if saving a cold or other hurrying us out of the infection is defeated and the magic of antibiotics and other heavy artillery?

According to the theory of the German scholar Christian Jacobsen, in recent decades, the reduction of bacterial infections contributes to the increasing incidence of cancer. This is confirmed, in particular, the works of – about thirty years ago – Dr. Di Luzio (medical school at Toonscom University, USA).

According to the findings of Di Luzio, glucan (polyglucose contained in the walls of some yeast and bacterial cells) is a potent stimulator of macrophage activity and hence inhibits the formation and development of cancer in experimental animals.

The introduction of glucan animals that had previously been implanted with cancerous tumors, they found themselves not only blocked the development of metastases, but in some cases there is a complete rejection of the tumor by the body of the animal.

Glucan studies conducted in different countries, allows a new understanding of the role of macrophages as a major component of the immune response of the host (usually this role is given to the lymphocytes). So, if each macrophage can kill one cancer cell, among the lymphocytes of this killer is one of 100 or 1000. The mechanism of stimulation of macrophages by glucan remains unknown, but the work Di Luzio shows that glucan induces cell proliferation and increases the ability to kill cancer cells.

Studying the effect of glucan in leukaemia, adenosarcoma and melanomas, Dr. Di Luzio and his colleagues found that the injection of glucan to mice before injection of leukemic cells or following it, it blocks the development of leukemia. Naturally, cancer treatment glucan may also contribute to increasing resistance to bacterial infections. And here's why.

The walls of bacterial cells also contain glucan, and this suggests that the response of macrophages to the injection of glucan, a similar natural process that occurs when a bacterial infection. When macrophages “smell” bacterial infection, they aktiviziruyutsya and destroying infected cells at the same time destroy the cancerous cells. When the catalytic role of bacteria is absent, the macrophages are “asleep” in inactivity, and cancer cells, meanwhile, freely multiply.


Before the disease 97% of patients with cancer did this dental procedureReal black deathIn General, it appears, in vain we don't like these saving colds...

Well, if ache feel like? How to boost your immune system?

Not only naturopaths, but the Orthodox doctors give very good advice: Empty!

Researchers have estimated that in developed countries over the past century, sleep duration has decreased from approximately 9 to 7-7. 5 hours a day... sleep Less. More work, learn, bore a different nightly entertainment. Not only that, as a result of fatigue, reduced immunity to infections. Lack of sleep affects the metabolism of carbohydrates in the endocrine system. The result of this – and even accelerated aging.published  




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