As it is impossible to treat the flu: 6 mistakes that allow every infected.

Treatment of influenza — a difficult and important. Because the flu, unlike other respiratory develops immediately and is fraught with serious complications.

How to treat pripojeni it is important to begin timely and proper treatment. There is a lot of information on what actions should be taken, but despite this, many manage to be treated properly.

"Site", having studied the advice of doctors-epidemiologists and physicians, gathered the most common mistakes that we make during treatment of influenza.

  1. The flu on the feet
    A feeling of malaise, mistakenly believe that the disease will pass by itself. These people are beginning to take antipyretics and multisymptom drugsthat can help ease the condition, and go to work. Influenza is a viral disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Moreover, infected everyone around, and feeling the "distributor" deteriorates significantly: the virus has a person stronger, affecting vital organs.

    Influenza, occurring in a mild form, really be held fast as if by itself. But, regardless of form (even asymptomatic) and the severity of the illness required bed rest.

  2. The refusal of the doctor on call
    Often patients self-medicate: that the doctor will come in and prescribe medication (you know, the is seen). This is a mistake! The flu medical help is needed to monitor the condition of the patient (ultrasound, fluoroscopy). Flu with serious complications, such as pneumonia that can cause death.

  3. Antibiotics
    Treating flu with antibiotics is horrible. Antibiotics are designed to destroy bacteria, viruses, they have no effect! Taking antibiotics as prevention of complications of influenza is also against the rules, because the uncontrolled use of these drugs will lead to the fact that the bacteria in the body will cease to respond to them. And this can lead to secondary, more resistant infection that is more difficult to treat.

  4. Hot drink
    Teas, fruit drinks, fruit drinks due to the content of vitamin C do improve the condition of the patient, they also reduce the acidification of the blood, help to better tolerate aching muscles and fatigue. But this is only assuming that the drinks will be warm, not hot! Homemade immune-boosting remedies to help strengthen the body's defenses, faster put on the legs, but again in terms of bed rest.

  5. Alcohol
    Option treatment of influenza spirits is not an option. Alcohol is toxic to the body, the flu virus too. The liver should be protected...

  6. Insulation
    In as chills, aches and weakness, the desire to insulate understandable. But, wrapped in a blanket and wearing socks, you can't sit in a tightly closed room. Definitely ventilated room at a temperature of 18-20 degrees and sleep easier, and vyzdoravlivat soon. Warm shower for 3 to 5 minutes also will not be superfluous, but from a hot bath for the period of illness is better to give up.

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