Mental viruses.


The term "mental virus" refers to the mental, information memory viruses, affecting the collective unconscious.

Behavioral rights program in many respects similar to computer programs. Unfortunately, human neurocomputer that surpasses in complexity all telecommunication networks of the planet is under threat of destruction. Infected consciousness programs of behavior, thinking, perception deprive people of harmony, joy and awareness. The investigation work programs -.. A sense of abandonment, insecurity, loneliness, self-destruction, the wretchedness of the interests and demands, intellectual degeneration, aggression, apathy, apathy, etc. Viruses are able to change the behavior of the person without his knowledge. Adaptability virus population is astounding. The impact of mental virus spreads to the deepest areas of the unconscious, they violate the basic interaction of the essential archetypes. The worst thing is that infection of consciousness occurs already in infancy. Exposure to viruses awareness, vulnerability and lack of protection are laid on the prenatal stage of development of the human being. Fight with advanced degradation mechanism is extremely difficult in adulthood. The virus copies itself in the "software" of consciousness and distort almost all bioprogrammy with which man comes to Earth, including the program of the evolution of consciousness. Some viruses spread at the genetic level. Penetrating into the human genome, they appear as generic viruses. The seers of antiquity attributed this phenomenon to the ancestral curse.

Virus - a form of life, parasitic on other life forms. Viruses consciousness - among the most dangerous viruses. The concept of consciousness virus originated a long time ago, but most of it was transformed into a religious or philosophical and esoteric category. Not all people are likely to turn to the metaphysical, esoteric and religious literature, but the need to fight with infections of consciousness is all. Overloading their research terminology comprehensible to a narrow circle of specialists, other authors have dissected a large army of readers, among them could find a lot of talented generals can unleash a virus of consciousness because of their intelligence. Almost all the literature that describes the phenomenon besoohvachennosti, evil eye, damage, learning techniques of manipulation of public opinion, of NLP, and so on. E., Are different in shape and depth of methodological approaches to the problem of otherness hostile to humanity in the form of viruses consciousness. Currently it is developing the science of the impact on society of information viruses - memetics, but unfortunately, and this technology is not used for the purification, expansion or liberation of consciousness from negative memes mental virus, and for the targeted manipulation of the mass consciousness
All disasters are the result of negative thinking people. What represent a deadly virus? It returned to the man sent them into the space of thought. Every single virus, as well as a separate small idea seems harmless and safe, but united together, they - disaster and terrible destructive force that has caused people to their own negative thinking. A person can not get back something better than what it sends. Can not something negative that it sends into space, turned into something positive for him, and all the disasters and catastrophes, before the earthquake, inclusive, is a creation of man, the result of his destructive thinking. Remember, your thoughts, you can cause earthquakes.

It goes without saying that there are in the space not only destructive power flows. If this were so, then the world would cease to exist. Joining together, they could destroy it. But, to our well-being, there is the wise laws that govern the world of thought. One of them says, the higher thought in terms of content, the stronger it is. The highest power of thought, which gives power over the elements, has a membership of beings who have attained the highest spiritual development. His positive, clean, creative thoughts, they can paralyze the disastrous effect of negative thoughts of mankind, can direct their action in its sole discretion in the right direction.


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