What is facial gymnastics?

In the morning when we look in the mirror, then get upset due to the fact that we see drooping eyebrows, sagging cheeks, the formation of double chin, wrinkles around the eyes and corners of the mouth. But you have to remember that all of these signs of aging (natural or premature) can be delayed by simple and sometimes even fun exercises facial gymnastics.

When You are nervous or worried, on the forehead and between the eyebrows often appear "crease". To get rid of them will not be difficult! For this you just need to relax the muscles that create them. Whenever You are worried or angry, try to stretch your forehead hands so that these lines disappeared.

Exercise is great for maintaining muscle tone, may be: stretch your lips as wide as possible, then relax and repeat a few times. This exercise trains the muscles of the cheeks, causing them to rise up. It is also effective for muscles of the skin around the mouth due to the obstacles of the appearance of nasolabial folds.

The best exercises for the muscles of the face, of course — smile. It's very simple: when You smile, the various muscles of the lower part of the face are stretched, firming up Your face and preventing the need to do the lift.

It must be remembered that the face, like the body, needs care and a moderate load. Train the muscles in Your face and don't forget that stress and disorders causing lasting wrinkles and folds. And when that happens, simply relax these muscles and smile. Folk wisdom says: to prevent is easier than cure. In the case of facial gymnastics it can be very useful. Preventing the signs of aging on your face, You will save a lot of effort, energy and money on the facelift. They are simple, and their regular performance will help Your skin retain elasticity or to correct those defects which have emerged. Take care of your face, and it will reward You with a flawless appearance for years to come!
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