The benefits of grape juice

For juicing, you should take ripe berries and quality. They are separated from the bunches, well washed in running water and then thoroughly kneaded. The so-called white grapes are immediately pressing. But the flesh of the red grapes it is recommended to warm up to 60-65 degrees, then to cool and then squeeze the juice. The finished juice is poured into sterilized bottles or jars, roll up lids and cooled.
If you wish to obtain clear juice let it stand for three or four days, then decanted, leaving the sediment at the bottom, is heated again to 90 degrees, pour into a clean bowl and roll.

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Grapes and juice were used for medicinal purposes in Ancient Greece and Rome. It was prescribed for diseases of the liver, kidneys, diseases of the throat, for the normalization of the General condition of the body.
Currently, Europeans often drink grape juice and wine because it is believed that those retain youthfulness and health. It is recommended to drink the juice of half a Cup three times a day for two weeks. Before taking the juice should be diluted with water (1:1), and then drink it slowly, it's better through a straw or a tubule for a cocktail.

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Grape juice is recommended to include in the diet for people suffering from rheumatism, the initial stage of tuberculosis, various neuroses, anemia, nephritis. Juice has a positive effect on the heart muscle, has a laxative and diuretic, useful in atherosclerosis, nervous exhaustion and prostration, it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is recommended for older people because it improves brain function, helps in Alzheimer's disease.
Regular intake of grape juice reduced the likelihood of developing myopia. It is also helpful to take to prevent cataracts and cancer patients after chemotherapy and radiation.

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The use of grape juice depends on grape variety, from which it is made. So, the juice of dark grapes, has a more pronounced antioxidant properties. It is especially useful to women because they can prevent breast cancer.
At the same time, juice made from the grape varieties of light, has the ability to rejuvenate, because it contains more amount of iron.
Despite the undoubted benefits, there are contraindications to the use of grape juice. First of all, it is diabetes mellitus, liver cirrhosis, ulcer of the stomach or intestines, the later stages of tuberculosis, urination disorders, and obesity. It is undesirable to use it and the tendency to flatulence.

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In the treatment of grape juice healers recommend to eat less fruit and vegetables than usual, and to abstain from alcohol so as not to cause fermentation in the gut.

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