Birch SAP is a unique healing drink

Solely healing of the March birch air. Scientists have found that it does not contain microbes enhances the burning of cholesterol, which is very important in the treatment and prevention of oncological diseases, diseases of blood vessels, atherosclerosis.

After the first thaws of spring birch starts "weeping", that is the end of juice when wounded birch during the period of Bud swelling in the spring before leafing.

What can you say about the birch juice? Do I need to drink it? Many believe that the harm done to the tree when you receive juice, can justify its usefulness. Is it really so?




Connoisseurs of the healing properties of birch does not agree with the statement of zealous conservationists like the birch juice should not be used — a lot of harm and virtually no benefits! Such a proposition from start to finish contrived and has no basis in reality. Of course, it is impossible "to podrachivat" the first birch in the outskirts of the village or the outskirts of the city. You cannot do this, as were chopped with an axe a third of the trunk and leaving the wound rotting.

It is immoral and criminal! As immoral and criminal "justification" worthlessness birch SAP. Why to deceive people, whose ancestors used birch SAP throughout its history? Because in our country annually are cut down for firewood hundreds of thousands of acres of birch forests. Cut down mostly without "tapping". "Podsushiwati" possible and necessary, but this should be done neatly and orderly, in birch, which will soon go on the wheelhouse. In this tapping the tree does not cause almost any harm. One birch in the early spring can give a few dozen liters of juice. So as not to damage the tree, with the extraction of birch SAP follows a gimlet to drill the hole to a depth of several inches, and a hole to insert groove, through which the juice will freely drain into the dishes. Better to make hole on the North side, as the juice there is much more. This little trick the villagers know well. You can just cut off a sprig, wrap it in coarse thread ends thread lower in the suspended Bank, and will flow juice.

Birch SAP contains in its composition of sugars, vitamins, minerals and is a great drink with medicinal properties. He heals the blood has hematopoietic and regenerating effect, stimulates the metabolism in the body, promotes rapid release of the products of metabolism and very valuable in intoxication and diseases caused by metabolic disorders, in particular oncological diseases.

To help cancer patients, it is useful to use the following folk remedy. Mix two parts of birch juice with two parts of juice of yarrow herb, two parts of carrot juice with one part juice of the herb Hemlock, one part of juice of the herb St. John's wort and one part of the juice of the herb meadowsweet vyazolistny. Drink one tablespoon of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach with a natural (not pasteurized) milk, and one tablespoon of the mixture in the evening before bed, also drinking milk. Thus it is useful to take inside the powder of licorice root in the amount of 1 — 2 g.

The effect of birch SAP in large measure coincides with the action of birch buds. It stimulates the acid-forming function of the stomach is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by lowering of acid. It is advisable to include in the differentiated complex treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers and chronic gastritis in the period of exacerbation and in remission.

Birch SAP, in essence, is the secret of plant cells, which have unlimited possibilities for the synthesis of biogenic stimulators of various type of hormones, enzymes and, of course, is a liquid with healing very diverse biological functions and highly complex physical and chemical composition.

Birch SAP drink as a remarkable diuretic for gout, arthritis, edema, rheumatism, with long-term healing wounds and trophic ulcers, colds, flu, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, tuberculosisas the most beautiful antiscorbutic means. Birch SAP is used as an external remedy for acute eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, skin ulcers, abrasions, acne vulgaris, pruritus, scrofula. In parasitic and fungal skin diseases along with daily external washes, lotions, compresses of birch juice is recommended to drink one glass of birch juice a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

Birch juice is useful to drink with puerperal fever, and in diseases with high fever, sexually transmitted diseases, hay fever. Birch juice drink one glass before meals 3 — 4 times a day for 2 — 3 weeks following the milk-vegetable diet. Juice gargle, swallow it slowly with sore throat and other inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and throat.

From chronic rhinitis should be drunk in the spring every morning 1 glass of fresh birch juice.




When kidney patientswhen there is no direct information on the stones, it is useful to drink daily glass of birch SAP. Another option is to drink birch juice on an empty stomach one glass. Juice perfectly drives the sand and stones of the kidneys and bladder, destroys mainly urinary stones phosphate and carbonate origin without affecting oxalate and uric acid stones.

Those who easily catches a cold and is constantly coughing, good to drink in spring birch juice with milk and also replace tea infusion from birch leaves, strawberry or strawberry.

Birch juice is used in diseases of liver, anemia after wounds, as a sedative against ascarids and pinworms.

In connection with the squeezed juice of young birch leaves, stimulates the kidneys, not irritating at the same kidney tissue. Moreover, this mixture strengthens it so that the weak kidney tissue can regain its normal state.

Healthy people can take fresh birch SAP is unlimited (avoiding, however, overdose total amount of liquid) instead of tea, compotes, water for one to two months. To store the juice you need in the fridge, because it spoils quickly, turns sour.

It is helpful to mix the birch juice with all kinds of juices, extracted from vegetables and fruits, to insist birch SAP on St. John's wort, rose hips, leaves, all types of mint, thyme, caraway, lemon balm, Basil, hyssop, Linden flowers, willow-herb, meadowsweet vyazolistny, kidney poplar (black poplar), etc. the Healing properties of medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, complement the curative effect of birch SAP.

Take the early spring, during snow melt, leave for 15 — 20 days and collect, and also use daily fresh birch juice. And you will feel as you leave the weakness, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, palpitations, fatigue, irritability. The blood will be better, will change the total mood and health.

Very well pour the birch juice of the berries cranberries. It turns out great cure for many diseases.

Hair loss helps rubbing into the skin of birch SAP with alcohol or brandy, and decoction of burdock root. This tool enhances hair growth.

In cosmetics, dry skin , instead of a toilet water clean, fresh or canned birch SAP. For long-term preservation it can be preserved by adding 5.0 ml of hydrochloric acid to 1 liter of juice.

In the morning before washing can make the following simple mask. Wipe face with a cotton swab dipped in any vegetable oil. 1 tablespoon of sour cream or yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons of birch juice, add 1 teaspoon of honey. All are thoroughly mix and applied on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash with cool boiled water.published


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