Burdock juice: healing remedy for liver, gallbladder and joints

About the healing properties of burdock (Latin Arctium lappa or Lappa major) — often called the burdock — is known from time immemorial.

For the treatment traditionally used burdock root, harvested either in late autumn or early spring, which is subjected to further drying.

As for the leaves of the agrimony, as a medicinal raw materials long-term storage they are not used, as by drying they lose their medicinal properties.

However, in the practice of traditional medicine there are many recipes that use the juice squeezed from the young leaves of burdock. Traditional healers often recommended for the treatment and the juice squeezed from the fresh root.

Juice, in the usual sense, it is the liquid obtained by mechanical or steam method, enough of the moist tissues of plants, generally of fruits and berries. By and large, to the juice can be from any part of the plant, as this is nothing like the moisture filling the intercellular space, in which is dissolved a biologically active substance.

The therapeutic effect of "live" juice often does not go to any comparison with the aqueous extracts, as intercellular and intracellular moisture akin to all liquid media in the organism of the patient, and therefore absorbed more effectively.


Juicing burdockthe Leaves of burdock not have a high content of moisture, especially in the summer season, so prepare medicines are used only plants in the initial period of growth.

The optimal time for extracting the juice from the leaves of burdock is spring (April — may), and even early summer (June), under the condition of high rainfall and moderate temperature.

With the increase in ambient temperature cells trevisanut, making it difficult to extract liquid. To obtain the juice from the coarse-fibered tissue is problematic, so you have to resort to various tricks, for example, soaking the collected leaves in cold water for several hours.

Physiological processes in the cut sheets do not stop instantly, so the osmotic pressure in the cells and helps "pump" the liquid outside, thus the water content of the tissue increases, therefore, the yield of juice will be great.

For juice, use the young leaves cut from petioles.

  • After soaking in cold water (2 – 3, sometimes up to 5 — 6 hours) must pass through a meat grinder.
  • Of the thus obtained pulp the juice is squeezed by a mechanical press. In the absence of the press you can use a wooden rolling pin.
  • The processed food is wrapped in 2 layers of cheesecloth, placed on a sloping surface and rolling the juice extracted.

Note that the bookmark is carried out in small portions, allowing you to increase the product yield.

Juice of burdock root get the same way, using only the roots of the first year of life (fall or early spring collection). Woody tap roots of burdock for juicing are not suitable primarily due to the fact that they lose their healing properties.


The healing properties of the juice of burdockFresh burdock juice has antibacterial activity and can be used as an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Juice of burdock when used topically, often exerts a more powerful effect than many well-known drugs: they lubricate the traumatic and dermatological skin lesions.

By the way, for outdoor use, the juice can be canned with alcohol and store for a long time in the fridge. For preservation use alcohol in a concentration of 20% in the proportion of 1 part alcohol to 5 parts of juice.

Juice of burdock root, generally used for internal use.

According to the results of scientific studies, the juice of burdock proved to be effective for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and urinary system.

There is evidence that the juice of burdock can be used for the prevention and treatment of cancer in the early stages of the disease.

Juice of burdock root can also be stored for future use, preserving alcohol in a ratio of 1:1.

 Treatment with the juice of burdockto Drink juice burdock root it is advisable before meals, about 20 — 30 minutes.

The dosage to the reception can be from 1 to 2 tbsp.

Multiplicity of admission — up to 4 times a day.

  • In the treatment of problems with the pancreas, the juice of a burdock the most effective techniques in the morning, to 11 hours a day (from 11 to 13 continues daily biorhythm pancreas).
  • Diseases of the digestive system can be treated effectively if you take juice after 13 hours.
  • After 20 hours and bedtime juice is taken in case of problems with the intestines and diseases of the urinary system.
 ContraindicationsJuice of thistles, derived from the leaves and root, has no absolute contraindications, however, the advice of your doctor will help you to choose the most efficient mode of reception.


Recipes using juice mug

- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • For the preparation of the funds will need the juice squeezed from the roots of burdock and liquid honey in the ratio 1:1.

The ingredients must be carefully moved into a smooth paste (in a blender) and insist in a dark place for 3 weeks.

Make a remedy recommended three times a day for 1 tablespoon (as mentioned earlier, half an hour before meals).

Treatment course, the course will require half a liter of juice and honey.

You must pass 3 courses, with a week break between them.


- Diseases of the liver and gallbladder. For treatment, use the juice from the leaves of burdock, which due to its specific bitterness a positive effect on the processes of secretion and also promotes regeneration of liver tissue.

The course of treatment is 7 days, and repeat in a week. For treatment you must pass 3 courses.

Approximate consumption of juice for the whole period of treatment — 1 litre (take 1 tbsp 3 times a day).

Prophylactically treating 1 time a year.

- Joint diseases. In the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis, which are, as a rule, have in its essence the infectious component, apply the liquid liniment, prepared from fresh burdock leaf juice and vegetable (olive) oil.

  • Components are mixed into homogeneous slurry in a ratio of 2:1.
In the treatment of gout and other diseases associated with the deposition of salts, in parallel with external use are inside the juice obtained from the root (and/or leaves of burdock).published


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