Stroller - bike

New development of Danish brand TAGA — bike with a sidecar. The release of this stroller-bike refers to a narrow range of consumers, mostly young moms and dads.

Without much difficulty, in 20 seconds, the bike can be turned into a stroller and Vice versa, while a Bicycle with a stroller allows you to travel through the busy city streets, in the subway, bus and other public transport, to shop, to eat out in cafes and stuff, which you cannot do with an ordinary bike.

This stroller features a canopy from the rain and other natural precipitation, has a lying position in case the child is tired or asleep. There is also (most importantly) the option of strollers for twins.

Imagine how easier Your days with such a miracle, from the house on the bike, on the subway with a stroller, then back the bike and go to the store. In the shop again with a wheelchair moving easily and naturally among cash trays, again the bike and satisfied with their purchases back home, and at this time, the baby sleeps in the stroller without any hassle.

All this became possible thanks to the increasing trend of consumers switching from petrol transport to environmentally friendly vehicles. And manufacturers soorentirovavshis quickly picked up the development in this direction and try to capitalize on this trend.

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