Wonderful mountain Hristov in Lithuania

A few kilometers from the city of Siauliai is one of the most strange and unusual tourist attractions in Lithuania, and perhaps the world. We are talking about the Mountain of Crosses – the object on which the on a small patch collected tens of thousands of these Christian symbols.

In the heart of Vilnius is the Bohemian countryside or the City, Crosses on the outskirts of šiauliai. Someone might think that this cemetery, but it is not. People from all over Lithuania make the pilgrimage to these places, and from other countries the pilgrims carry crosses of various forms and finishes with your name. There is a legend that someone will leave here the cross will receive good luck, or healed from an incurable disease.

Still historians cannot come to a unanimous decision, when in actual fact appeared the Hill of Crosses. Some believe that this is a sacred place for pagans, had their rituals, offered sacrifices to their gods. According to another version this was made after the Polish uprising of 1830-1831, and in memory of the dead soldiers.

The identity of the Lithuanians is strongly dependent on their culture and preserving its value in original condition. The Soviet government is well known and repeatedly tried to destroy the Hill of Crosses. But destroyed the Mountain was not long at the first opportunity Lithuanians it was restored.

About the Hill of Crosses is home to 50 thousand crosses. In memory of in 1993 left chrest Pope John Paul II, his visit has glorified the Mountain.

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