Oatmeal diet

Oatmeal diet is one of the most simple, but very useful diets. She's gentle to the body and allows you to effectively and securely get rid of toxins and easy to lose weight in a week for 3-5 kg.


There is a belief that rapid weight loss is fraught with negative consequences for the organism. This is true, if we are talking about a sharp loss own fat reserves. But in the case of losing weight on the oatmeal diet, it is about the normalization of weight through its purification and getting rid of toxins, which can be up to 15 kg!

So it's safe to say that oatmeal diet is not only "delicious" and painless weight loss, but also prevention of various disorders and diseases of the digestive system. Fiber, which is included in the food composition from oats works well on mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, creates conditions for activity in them beneficial microflora, enhances the contraction of smooth muscle, and also gives a feeling of satiety.

The principle of oatmeal diet simple — you need to replace familiar foods those containing oats. Restrict consumption of fatty, sugary foods and flour.

Oat products can be consumed in any form, for example, replace bread oat bread. If you like sweet and starchy foods, go for oatmeal cookies.


        Oatmeal diet menu

Eat a bowl of oatmeal for Breakfast lunch and dinner. Oatmeal, can be prepared as water and milk. Milk is recommended to dilute half with water. You can also alternate them, one day to cook on the water, and the second day on milk.

Into oatmeal you can also add honey, jam, dried apricots, butter, sugar, or add few salt.

To diversify the menu can oatmeal soups, compared to low-fat broth without potato. For the period of the diet, try not to use a variety of sharp spices, they enhance the appetite.

Products of oatmeal do not contain enough essential minerals and vitamins, therefore it is recommended, as snacks, eat fresh vegetables and moderate amounts of unsweetened chocolate.

While you follow osanobu menu, try to avoid coffee, carbonated and mineral water and every meal complete with a glass of warm unsweetened black (or green) tea, but no earlier than half an hour after eating. Plain water can be drunk without restrictions. In addition, you can drink up to a pint of juice – tomato, carrot, Apple or orange.

"Sit" on the oatmeal diet can be no more than a month, and then should take a break of at least six months.



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