"Veganism for the rich"—the latest trend

Observers noted the arrival of "new wave of veganism" — veganism for the rich, which looks nice and is not cheap.

It is reported by the respectable Forbes magazine. "The new wave of veganism focuses more on human health than on animal care," said mark Thelin, the organizer of the Congress big vegan Feast Portland in USA. "And so she's got a big future," he adds. Latest top trends in veganism — it's "Vegan till 18 h" and "Chinese menu," he said — the food schemes that are introduced to vegetarianism and veganism more number of skeptical meat eaters than before.

Mr. Tal Ronnen — chef, who opened a fashionable restaurant Crossroads ("Crossroads") in Los Angeles, at the height of his career wrestling stars: before he was preparing special meals for banquets and weddings for celebrities level of Oprah Winfrey.

Now he was fully committed to creating vegan culinary delights such as his famous "oysters", which are made (and I want to say "created"!) using only mashed artichokes, oyster mushrooms, and the "caviar" of kelp seaweed, or "crab cakes" composed of hearts of palm tree, apples and beets. All kinds of imitation "cheeses" he manages to prepare from nuts (mostly cashew). It is, of course, is the culinary magic is also quite elegant — but the main thing is that his highbrow cuisine does not suffer from any animal.

Commercially successful trend was picked up by other fashionable American chefs, such as chef Jose Huber of the Amway Hotel Collection, with its popular "steak" of cauliflower, and Matthew Kenney of M. A. K. E., which has opened a whole culinary school "imitation" of vegan cuisine for everyone to learn how to cook vegetables and other vegan products "absolutely almost like meat."

However, some note that, first, in the top vegan restaurants where every dish costs about $100, eat a lot and 100% ethical, but still expensive, and secondly, all this imitation leaves feeling deceived, such as when you offer a cheese plate with 8 types of fine cheese, each of which is prepared on a nut basis.

Many are used to eat healthy but simple food that does not require a large number of "food miles" (i.e., in the transportation process does not cause environmental pollution). But definitely the new trend opens up another page in the glorious vegan history, once a society thoroughly acquainted with gourmet vegan cooking, veganism and vegetarianism is definitely not to be associated with hippies or Chinese rice bowl. Eat gourmet, healthy and neurolog food is becoming very fashionable — although quite expensive.


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