How to deal with autumn depression

Autumn depression called emotional state, when e mood comes apathy.The spleen is especially vulnerable to those who already have difficulty –autumn sharpens their pendency.

Many complain about the autumn depression, but doctors do not put such diagnosis,– says the psychologist of the St. Petersburg "Sundeev center" Rodion Chepalov. – I think that depression is from the current television news more common. Most of the autumn decline affects people without the rod, which are not able to restore yourself".

Depression itself is a reaction of the psyche, perestrakhovanie on something new–normal depression occur 3-4 times per year. This includes responses to shocks and seasonal depression. If layoffs and divorces happen more than once a year, it is also pathological. Mentally strong people the cost of a worsening of mood, and in severe cases, there are failures".


The days get shorter, less sunlight – it causes hormonal changes. Because low serotonin mood drops, melatonin causes sleepiness during the rains.Affected by changes in temperature and light regimes. If the person is not able to cope with this, it is bad. It is inherent in genetic memory. Primitive people suffered in the winter – they were not protected in their homes were not warm the batteries. Instinct: once cold, then soon will come the difficulties.

Autumn depression is largely due to vitamin deficiency. Fresh produce is less people repairing it, replacing quality with quantity. Reduced solar activity, slow metabolism. The rain forced to stay at home, and certainly not happy about the end of the holidays.

At the end of the year draws on melancholy reflections on the outcome and you may feel sad from the lack of implementation. Physiological symptoms: poor sleep, fatigue, pain in the muscles of the legs, digestive problems.

"In my head bad thoughts, there is a craving for "regulating" drugs: tobacco, alcohol,"– says Rodion of Chepalov.

METHODS Barbabellaatje living space

Think about the right light, bright interior. Add yellow and orange, decorate the table autumn gifts. This goes for clothes – if you have no colored clothing, use accessories.

Positive emotions. Think about what they can be. Stock up on drives with old movies, download music, helps shopping or reading.

Physical activity. During exercise highlighted endorphins – hormones of joy. The fitness club also provides fellowship. In summer, walking is a natural, and in the fall we should do it for the sake of health. Picnics, sitting by the fire among the crimson and gold leaves – excellent.

Rules of nutrition. Fresh juices and fragrant teas with spices and ginger –the most proper drinks for fall. A sweet thing is not to overdo it.

Mandatory honey, vegetables, apples, products for the production of serotonin: bread, bananas, persimmons.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and replenish the missing vitamins because of drugs.

A change of scenery and creative activities. Autumn comes to life with cultural life: there are new exhibitions and performances. Remember Pushkin's Boldino autumn and transform melancholy into creativity. Think about what you would like to do? Wander through the parks with a camera? To paint or embroider?

Relaxation of the body. Try a soothing bath or bathrooms. Have contrast showers and rubdowns different effect, but in the struggle they are effective. Complete complex restorative massage.



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