The causes of diseases by Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger, German psychotherapist, philosopher and author of the family setting, the author of forty books on therapy related to family and previous generations says: the causes of disease lie in the lack of love in the family, wrong relationships and guilt. Hellinger has formed a short-term method of treatment of diseases, disease States "family constellations", the essence of which is to eliminate the effects of systemic family injuries, or another family member.

Hellinger says:people systematically fear, despite the absence of a real threat. Fear is the cause of anxiety, leading to stress and development of disease. The fear provoked by the presence of a negative experience from the previous generations. Fears Hellinger, in most cases, are a passing symptom, adopt a child from the parents. The child unconsciously makes a sentence: "I Have fears is you." The child thinks that if you take over anxiety and fear of parents, it will automatically free them. This way of thinking does not solve the problem.

Causes of fears Hellinger are the experiences of parents or ancestors since the war. Despite the fact that much time has passed, the situation associated with it, exist in the subconscious of the modern generation. Hellinger argues that fear is nothing like the relationship with victims or perpetrators of junk for family actions. In bipolar affective disorder mania is a relationship with a criminal, depression – connection with the victim. Fears are the cause of disease.

The disease begins with lack of loveAlcoholism on the HellingerCauses of alcoholism by Hellinger (alcohol dependence is the cause of many diseases) lies in the rejection of one person, namely the father. People expect love from a person suffering from alcoholism. The addiction lasts as long as a person does not accept the father. The adoption of the philosophy of the Hellinger means admitting that the father also loved and dear as a mother. Many people have problems with respect to the father, alcohol dependence is extremely important.To cure the alcoholic must be ready to love his father.

According to Hellinger, the dependence of the child from alcohol leads parents to understanding his impotence. They have no power in this situation that can be healing for the whole family. If the parent was a struggle for the child, in the end everyone will lose. According to Hellinger, the biggest loser is the winner.

Bert Hellinger says: if the child's upbringing is dominated by the mother – the risk of alcohol dependence the child has a high. If was dominated by the father – the risk is almost nonexistent.

Causes of alcoholism by Hellinger may lie in the alcohol problems of their ancestors. The person becomes addicted to alcoholic drinks to recall the alcoholics who was expelled from the family.

Depression on the HellingerDepression, according to Bert Hellinger, nothing like the relationship with the victims, dead, missing and/or excluded from the family circle. Depression is a form of repentance.The presence of depression in humans points to the fact that he's missing someone, emptiness in the soul is the result of energy shortage. Depression – a mental condition in which the body's defences weaken. Depression may not be the only cause of disease, is a painful condition that requires medical treatment.

The exception to the mother's life usually triggers depression. The mother is the connecting link with love. When depression is not enough love and at the same time mother. Hellinger emphasizes that it is not the physical presence. Depression can children suffer in families where mothers do not work, spend with the child a lot of time. Physical presence near the child to prevent the occurrence of depression is not enough.

For the Hellinger, it is possible that the child for unknown reasons, rejects the love of the mother, does not accept what it has to offer him. Many people with depression have a complicated relationship with their mothers. In some cases, the mother subconsciously focused on a dead family member and not able to render proper attention, focusing on his illness, seeing that the baby needs his mother. In this situation, the child's age does not matter, the problem extends to adult children who are always in need of parents.

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Hellinger argues that parents give unconscious consent to the child's illness, including depression. On a conscious level they see their child happy, healthy and happy. On a subconscious level are open to what part of their suffering, the child assumes. Unconscious parental consent to the child's illness, according to Hellinger, is the cause of diseases of the child developing it in the future.

Parents whose children suffer from depression, need to consider to what extent they are able to meet the needs of their child, devote them enough time.

Depression in children can develop on the background of the obligations or the fault of previous generations. When the baby's grandmother had an abortion, guilt will sometimes carry her daughter and grandchildren. Depression develops because of the love for grandma. According to Hellinger, get rid of depression, giving the problem to the source of depression, she needs to confront her.Daughter and grandchildren have no right to interfere.

Bert Hellinger repeatedly emphasizes that one should not judge anyone: neither other people nor ourselves. Many of the things people do unconsciously. Regardless of the context of each individual case, the disease begins in the absence of love. Lack of love is by Hellinger, the cause of the disease. Especially when in previous generations someone from someone distant. Great love to all the family members brings a cure.

Consent for the disease gives the opportunity to see what the patient needed:

  • love
  • care
  • attention from family members.
Bert Hellinger gives an example: when he was working with a cancer patient a woman, established an interesting fact. Hellinger asked the woman to send the tumor for the following words: "I will Give you the space you need, you'll receive from me everything you desire, letting you stay with me and accompany me in all things". After the character of the disease began to decline, reminding tangle. When Hellinger asked to pronounce the words to the disease, urging her to leave, to depart from life, a symbol of the tumor began to grow and grow.

People with diagnosed oncological illnesses, are usually full of rage and anger. In an unconscious monologue of patients appears the statement that before you do something to someone else, will kill itself. Hellinger argues that a sick person protects other people.

According to Hellinger, with dangerous and deadly diseases, including diabetes, in humans, there is a desire for death, a desire to reunite with deceased loved ones. Soul waiting for the disease which will be fatal.

Way to get rid of such thoughts is to identify the identity of the deceased person from the family, then you need to accept this person into your heart, giving him tribute. You need to accept that the dead – their own destiny, a living – his own. A person can love a dead relative, clearly aware that this is preordained fate.

Hellinger says: at oncological diseases should recognize the greatness of death. Symbol is the worship of her – in front of fate and death a people is impotent. published


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