Echpochmak — cakes Tartar

I want to share one of the favorite dishes in our family — echpochmak. This dish is very popular in our area. Echpochmak is the Tatar and Bashkir national baked pie. It is made mainly from yeast, at least from unleavened dough stuffed with lamb, goose and sometimes chicken meat with potatoes and onions.

The main feature of echpochmak is in the form of triangles (hence the translation and the name) and unusual method of cooking the filling — preparing raw food!

Products: Dough: Filling:
kefir — 2 Cup. meat — 300g
flour — 4-5 stack. potatoes — 5 PCs
dry yeast — 0, 5 pack. onions — 3 PCs
butter stretch. — 2 tbsp butter stretch. — 3 tbsp
salt, salt, black pepper to taste

Preparation: the Dough can be leavened and unleavened. But we prefer the yeast in kefir, because it is thin and well rolled, and it is better soaked in meat juice for baking. Note: instead of yogurt you can take milk or water, but the buttermilk the dough will be more crumbly.

Dough. Mix the yogurt, soda, yeast, salt, vegetable oil. Toss in the flour. Knead the dough to not stick to hands. The finished dough cover with a towel and put to rise for in a warm place.

Filling. Potatoes and onions peeled, cut into small cubes (about large pea). Meat wash, cut into same small pieces. Combine vegetables and meat, pour in vegetable oil, salt, pepper and mix well.

The dough is cut into pieces as for pies, roll into balls and raskatat pellet the size of a tea saucer. In the middle of the tortillas put the filling and stung the edge of the dough to get the triangles. In the center echpochmak to leave a small hole.

Echpochmak put on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil, give about 10 minutes for proofing and in the oven. When they start to brown, remove the muffin pan and pour into each piece a spoonful of broth (if no broth ready, you can use a bouillon cube, or just water).

And then place in the oven until fully cooked. In total echpochmak baked for 40 minutes.

Triangles remove from the oven and allow to rest 10 minutes, brushing them with butter and cover with a cloth.Serves echpochmak hot.




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