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Here it would seem that we have been accustomed to commodity-money relations in the modern world. In order to buy something for yourself, you first need to get a few beautiful pieces of paper that we call money and which are in fact only conditional equivalent of different kinds of physical goods. Well, it is, of course, very simplistic. We will not now go into details of inflated financial bubbles, the confirmation of the currency real gold reserves, logic and the legality of such equivalent, and so on. Now just here we were given at work money (donated for beautiful eyes, stole, took credit, won the lottery, faked), we took them and went to buy their sweets, giving part of the money to someone who sweets we made, kept, delivered. Almost put in his mouth. And everyone is happy.

But this money is physical. A little more complicated with category "service". Here, seemingly, the same law "I — I" acts. But the equivalent can be confusing. "I'll pay you back" okay. But at first, "okay." And then begin images from the series "for you I tried". Not always, but it happens. Therefore, people prefer services to convert the paper money, to establish strict tariffs due to demand, competition and market situation in General. And again, like a kind of clarity comes.

But what about the intangibles of our existence? Here we had the desire. For example, to recover, to find happiness in your personal life or a yacht in the Maldives in a miraculous way. We formulated the request and started to act. To beg, to pray, to seek his uncle, who is about to die and leave an inheritance, hard to earn three jobs. In the end, our wish is coming true. Well, or not come true, according to circumstances. But if true, it is clear that whether as a result of our direct actions or the intervention of some third force had space to move and adapt to our requests. Someone get a good job so not the most physical levels, so we all came together. But do people think that? And to pay for the coordinated work of many systems? Or we think that we luck are entitled to by right of birth?

By the way, this is why some people are always unmotivated lucky, and others, which would not do, and how would behave, constantly get into ridiculous situations perhaps even a health risk? One small nuisance followed a number of positive changes, and the solid black bars at the other end... Well, we know what over.

But born around the same, almost all have arms, legs, head and a set of standard functions. But someone once everything is good and someone has to Wade through appearing on the empty space the obstacles to achieve the same as the first formed easily and effortlessly. It turns out that everything depends on the amount of funds available on the personal account, which allows us to pay for in this world. Well, judging by the fact that some fabulously lucky from the cradle, some amount is present even before birth. If in past lives we have tried, or someone gave, and then gave the debt — not so important. We can use about your own. And of course, the amount in this account of the physical capital and social status does not depend. Rather the contrary, for obvious reasons.

So it turns out that the potential in the world available to us all, but the availability never means the presence of this we default. Here is the bread in the store is available to us. But in order to eat it you need to buy. Of course, you can try to steal, but, as we know, is fraught with consequences. And you can only buy if you have money. But if spend? Or debts had extra to donate, now is that to cover up the shame, and the rest we are naked and miserable. Then, obviously, have to work.

We can take the credit. In fact, to beg for a reprieve. And will allow us to experience some long-awaited family happiness without the prior work and effort. Many "magicians", "sorcerers", "shamans" and the priests, in fact, that would do credit agents stand between ordinary people and the global credit organization. They tell you how to properly fill and what details what color pen to write. And then what? And then have blood (well, or seal of the spirit) to sign and after some time to return. With interest, of course. Well if you pay and if not paid? So with debt for the next round and go. Well and where then there will be luck and luck, if our account in minus stable? In this case, we can either suffer and complain about life or to go to ask to give back in debt. The mediators will receive a percentage from the transaction, and we take the rap and return. In this scheme of things ahead of us, obviously, a huge debt hole. And to work still have. Sooner or later, one way or another, but the balance must be restored.

By the way, is the whole magic kitchen. Sit savvy intermediaries provide the townsfolk channels of communication with credit organisations, currently take a percentage of the transaction, but it had nothing to do with it. If anything, the demand from them is small, all the responsibility on the customer. But people always want easier and faster, therefore, flocked to the Church and to the "mages" in the pursuit of easy "money", not thinking about anything else.

There is another way. Earn. To invest something of their own into this world, nurture, caring and caring, and after to many times multiplied harvest of raw materials, which can then either exchange them for something, or to invest in further growth of own capital. Only thus earned would be considered rightfully ours, not someone else's SOP for the sake of profit on interest.

But how to attach anything in the world? Apparently, the first need is to have something. Or at least pretend to have. To give the first let something unfinished and of poor quality. Here's an example of gratitude. Someone her a lot. Very real, sincere. One of the strongest currencies master the financial system, by the way. And they give it to the world spared. And received sincere gratitude is always good, although someone may deny this fact and to boast of his independence and unwillingness. So those who willingly and joyfully sow the good, and receive it more and more each time. And stockpiles, not to stagnate, Yes, no rot, allowed for the payment of any needs or converted into any other currency.

And there are those who are unavailable to work with gratitude. Or initially it is not, or just locked available out of reach even they by far the storerooms, and then lost it. So they will have to work hard, to gain raw materials for sowing, first low-quality expressing formal gratitude, and then when you get a taste, already very real. And this work is worth it.

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