4-minute workout that is guaranteed to burn 600 calories

This simple exercise, if you will do it at least once a day, will save you from excess calories, you will eat. A famous American fitness trainer Jim Saret, has developed its own methodology for rapid weight loss for those who are, as usual, no time.

Traditional workout wizard believes ineffective. For example, in the traditional Jogging you burn only 150 calories per hour. But his training allows you to lose 600 calories in just 4 minutes. If done perfectly.

"If you feel that you are in good physical shape, you may be limited to two minutes. And you can do two two-minute approach on the day," says Saret.

The plan of this workout trainer is designed specifically for those people who lead a sedentary life, and in gym I get tired after two minutes after you start exercising. Do these exercises become a habit, try to perform them together with members of his family.

That's what it is.

1. Jumps with arm raise

Make ten repetitions.

2. Squats

It will be enough those same ten repetitions.

"Squats is the most effective way to get rid of excess fat and cellulite," says Saret.

3. Pushups

Next is to do 10 pushups. If this is difficult for you, you can't do them from the floor and from walls.

4. Lunges forward

And finish your workout have another familiar childhood exercise. Take a step forward with the left foot and squatted on the right. And Vice versa. Need to do ten repetitions for each leg.

Seyret recommends that you do this small complex or a private exercise of him — whenever there is time and opportunity.The exercises can be done four times in a row. Between repetitions, you should rest one minute. So this simple set can turn into a full 20-minute workout.

And most do not. Seyret, says a grueling workout in the gym need only to those who want to have outstanding shape and produce due to their impression on others. If you just want to look young and feel good, then 20 minutes a day is enough. Head.

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Author: Konstantin Shiyan

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