Typical women's issues after the men's infidelity


Usually, it all starts with a timid:

— What happens to it?

Followed by a lengthy story that had no sex, he often working late, became irritable and taciturn.
Even the most diligent attempts to hint:
— Perhaps he has someone there? — usually lead to furious:
— Yes You that! He is not able to like!
The "can't" sounds like: "Well I know my baby, he's timid and shy..."
In response to a thought: "you – Yes, but she may not. Maybe that's why he..." the Truth is, I prefer it without voice...
After I stand in this place pause, the woman fairly quickly attends insight:

Maybe he had a midlife crisis?

Obviously, the answer: "Yes it is!" would give her a full set of "maternal care for their infant".
But I don't like to push people to excessive hallucinogenia about the reality, after all, and psychiatry attempts to officially adopt her own husband in the neighborhood.
So I answer evasively:
— Well, you know, a midlife crisis sometimes lasts a lifetime...
After a number of unsuccessful attempts to attach itself to her husband in the maternal role, women began increasingly to exclaim:
— Do You think? After all, it can't be! I don't believe You!
(and this despite the fact that I, as a "cunning strategy", nothing said)
But sooner or later everything falls into place. Complex theories of alien conspiracies and cunning tricks on the part of foreign intelligence services give way to a painfully clear understanding that the correct answer to this unsolvable puzzle is very simple.

— How could he?!

Every time you hear this question, I fall into confusion:
Well what can I say? Not to describe her is "it" done? For once he was doing it with her, she's a grown woman... Is maybe...
Following this usually comes a desperate internal struggle, accompanied by cries of "I can't believe it! I do so many years, he was entrusted with! It just can't be!" And tears, tears, tears...
Of course, for me it is a very unpleasant phase of our conversation, but here it is pointless to intervene, it is necessary simply to survive.
Sooner or later she calms down, and her head begin to come new questions:

— Tell me, do all men cheat?

Oh, how she wants to hear: "Yes, without exception!"
At this point I'm starting to think that the strange myth about "male polygamist" was invented by women, not men. Something like the "law of gravity" — the inevitability with which it is always easier to accept.
But recently I finally found the correct answer to the question associated with men's infidelity:
— Women who consider this issue important — Yes!
Unfortunately, very few people willing to delve into the details of this response more... And then sounds the next "classics":

— What have I been doing wrong?

Ask this usually in the secret hope that the understanding of the causes of the causes may lead to their elimination. And, as a consequence, the return of the situation in the "initial state".
Here I'm starting to explain something to you:
— first of all, that "original state" in principle, is unreachable;
— secondly, that her man could fix, and do not deal with this.
If the first thought a woman still somehow manages to digest, the second I have a lot of trouble.
To explain that men cheat more often, not because everything is bad at home (because then they just leave), but on the contrary, quite difficult. Especially if you try to avoid the "reverse" movement of her thought towards "men's polygamy".
At the very least, and this issue manages to somehow cope...
But the last question usually is for me, the most "damning":

— I have a chance?

Here too, my brain finally collapses into parts: "a Chance for what???"
The chances that he will leave – almost no. If he really wanted to, I'd do it immediately. And then all this time we would be talking about something else entirely: how to survive a breakup, how and in what order to meet with children, how to rebuild your life how to find another man, etc, etc.
The chances that suddenly everything will magically be as it was before? Well, I've kind of hinted about his attitude to hallucinations.

But the questions "is there a chance?" and "what is it?" will still continue to revolve in a circle...


And all this despite the fact that after male infidelity in women could be questions in which you really should understand:
— How exactly to change a relationship after infidelity?
— What specific efforts they should be changed?
— Is there any reason to continue to hold on to them?

But these questions, unfortunately, are in this situation less often...

Comic author Boris Novoderzhkin

Author: Boris Novoderzhkin

Source: www.bori.ru/tipichnye-zhenskie-voprosy/


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