Chinese abdominal massage taifu: a secret weapon against the slagging of the organism

Chinese abdominal massage toufu is one of the most effective Taoist practices. But the main purpose of all the Taoist practices: ensuring a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Chinese medicine believes massage toufu secret weapon against 3 pollution: the dirty qi, dirty liquids and residues in a timely manner newimagename feces.These 3 are the pollution causes many diseases and premature aging.

Generally toufu literally translated as the bursting of the abdomen.

In Russia these methods are also been used since ancient times in all the villages was the grandmother who "ruled the stomach."

To perform the massage can be standing or lying down. For debilitated, elderly it is better to perform it lying on the bed. Thus it is better to bend the knees then the stomach will be more relaxed.

Step-by-step manual of massage toufu:

1. Warm up your hands. First, RUB your palms together, and then put Cams and a good RUB of the knuckles against each other.

2. Clasped in fists with your hands (all 10 fingers) begin to push the stomach along prednaznachennogo Meridian (which runs along directly in the center of the body through the navel) solar plexus to the pubic area from top to bottom.

Do 10-20 strokes. Feel that belly warmed up.

Your goal is to detect masses, pain points, pulsation, accumulation of gases or liquid. All components and seals you need to "find and neutralize". How? Finding a pain point or the seal, start to move it downwards or from depth to the surface. Do until then, until reduced and pain is not a place become soft and relaxed.

3. Continue to push the stomach through the stomach, liver, spleen, and kidneys. To do this, stand some distance from the center of the body and continue to push the abdomen downwards. Then prodavlivaet from the center to the edges and Vice versa.

If during the massage you heard the sound of water, you burp or hiccup is very good. You found the "dirty fluid". And they started to come out clean qi ascends dirty and down.

4.Then prodavlivaet stomach with your thumbs, especially discovered the problem. Move from the top down.

5.Found the problem areas separately massage in a circular motion, trying to smash them and squeeze.

6.Finish with circular movements clockwise.

If the stomach is flushed after a massage is very good. So you have increased blood flow and energy to the abdominal cavity.

How many times a day do toufu?Best of all-2 times per day. In the morning upon awakening and evening before going to sleep. Of course, not to do the massage after a meal. Need to after eating it took 2 hours.

What do you give massage toufu?1. Cleansing the body from dirt 3: qi dirty, dirty liquids and newimagename timely Kala.

2. Restoration of patency of the meridians.

3.Improvement of digestion.

4.Getting rid of constipation.

5.Slimming (effectively out belly fat).

6.Stimulating the production of bile.

7.The improved performance of the liver.


Contraindications for massage toufuNot to massage pregnant women in the postoperative period, the presence of bleeding and tumors.

In the case of severe pain during the pushing belly massage to stop immediately! If pain persists, consult a specialist.

Consciously come to this practice!

Start with strokes, with light pressure. Carefully monitor your reaction. If all is well, increase the pressure. But do everything slowly, increasing effort by the day!

If conventional medicine can't diagnose, can also start with Chinese abdominal massage, as each disease there own label, his sensitive spot. Says Chinese medicine, every disease leaves his "black mark" in the abdominal cavity.If you find it, and will be able to squeeze one out, then take the root of the disease and the disease will pass by itself.

Massage toufu is like cleaning the house. If you pay attention to cleaning every day for a few minutes, there will be some time perfect purity. And with massage. Do it every day and gradually you will be able to say goodbye to very many diseases. published

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