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Biscuit — easy to prepare sweet pie consists of minced dough and filling (this can be a berry or fruit filling). Looking ahead, the stuffing, the biscuits can be savoury vegetables and even meat.

But today let's talk about the sweet biscuit which is perfect with fresh, seasonal summer fruits and berries (and in winter — frozen).

When working with pie dough is one important rule — everything must be very cold: freezing butter, the same of water and to minimize contact of the dough with warm hands.

Even the knife is also better to hold in the refrigerator.

As toppings you can use cherries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, figs, currants, blueberries. As well as raisins and nuts.

Biscuit with apples and сливами

This delicious and flavorful tart is delicious and durable dough that crumbles well, thanks to the bed of flour and almond flour biscuit and inside is very juicy with a good Apple taste.

Galeta is good not only hot, but even on the second day.

What is it about pie dough? It's a cross between shortcrust and flaky. Very tasty, crisp, but at the same time quite durable. Looking ahead, I will say that the dough is perfect not only for desserts.

Now, chop the butter (180 gr.) into cubes of 1 cm and well refrigerate (couple of hours) or freezer (30 minutes).

In a bowl mix the dry ingredients until smooth, use a whisk.

Pour the dry mix on the Board. It should be quite large, or lay on the table the tape and it will do the work. Add one third of the butter (the rest is again put in the refrigerator).

With a knife cut the butter, as if involving him in the meal. I took the knife from right to left (with a step of 2-3 mm), then from top to bottom. With a knife stir the mixture again and divide it. In the end, the biggest part of the oil should be no more than 1 mm in size. Hands do not touch the ground.

Add the remaining butter and again cut left to right, top to bottom, stir with a knife and chop again. This time the biggest speck of oil should be 3-4 mm.

Gather the mass into the Cup (still with a knife). Sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons of ice water over the surface. Gently try to "grab" the dough and throw it back into the Cup. That is, put the brush in the dough, squeeze your fingers, lift the arm up and dropping the dough. Again pour 2-3 spoons of water and again repeat the step.

Here the principle is that we in no case, do not knead the dough, just like picking up the pieces with water. In the end, you should get a lump of dough, happy uniform in color. This is normal.

Wrap the dough in film and leave in the fridge overnight. The dough should rest. The whole principle is not to develop the gluten, that is, the dough should not be elastic, we use cold butter and ice water.

The next day, remove the dough and divide in half. You get two medium Galette (or more small).

Dust the surface with flour and roll out the dough with a rolling pin to a thickness of 2 mm. the Dough will be very hard in the beginning, do not worry and do not try to screw him. Just roll out the dough with a rolling pin gradually.

For convenience, put on top of the plate (about 22-24 cm) and trim the excess. Get a smooth circle.

While we prepare the filling, the dough is better again to go in the fridge — transfer the dough on parchment and place in the cold. At this time, slice the apples in thin slices and drain in cubes of 0.5 cm Here, of course you can use any fruits and berries, and also vegetables and even meat.

In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar (3 tbsp) almond flour. Sprinkle the dough so that the edge remained 2-2,5 cm from the Top put the apples in a single layer so that the petals came at each other.

In the center sprinkle the cubes of plum and wrap the edges of the dough.

Melt the butter(20 gr.) in the microwave (20 seconds). Brush the pastry edges (upper edges) and sprinkle with sugar (3 tbsp).

Bake in the oven first at 210 degrees for 10 minutes and then at 180 for another 15-20. Ready galetta will be confident when the dough is browned.

The result is a delicious and fragrant pie, but rather galetta. The dough is very tasty, it's durable, but good crumble, thanks to the bed of flour and almond flour inside galetta very juicy with a good Apple taste.

Author Andrew Rudikov


Biscuit with cherries and abricotine 3 biscuits:

  • 250 g flour
  • 125 g cold butter
  • 3-4 tbsp cold water
  • 4 tablespoons sugar

In the bowl of a mixer combine cubed butter, flour and sugar until it forms crumbs. Gradually pour in the water. When the dough begins to lag behind the walls of the bowl form a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerator for 2 hours.

Filling with cherries:

  • cherry
  • sugar
  • corn starch
Remove the stones from cherries sprinkled with sugar and starch.

Stuffing with apricots :

  • 6-8 apricot
  • date honey (can be done with plain)
  • 1 tbsp almond flour
apricots cut into 4 pieces and pour honey, add almonds, mix well.

Cooking and baking:

Divide the dough into 3 pieces, roll each into a circle.
On a baking tray lined with baking paper spread the dough.
In the center put a cherry or apricot, stepping back from the edge 5 centimeters wrap
the ends inside.
Whip the yolk with a teaspoon water and gently brush dough, biscuits.
Sprinkle top with brown sugar.
Bake in the preheated to 180 degrees and bake 20-25 minutes.

Author Victoria (vitoria)


Galeta with клубникой

This recipe has the same basis for the test that the previous one, but the filling with strawberries is interesting because it adds the necessary acidity. But if the strawberries you have a very sour, then add stuffing in more sugar, also a little water to lubricate the biscuits on top and sprinkle with the remaining sugar before put in the oven.


For the test

  • 100g butter
  • 200g flour
  • 5CT.l. sugar
  • 2-3st.l. ice water
  • For the filling
  • 300g strawberries
  • 3st.l. sugar
  • 1H.l. starch

1.Sift the flour. In a bowl put the cold butter, add sugar (5CT.l.) and flour, chop all the ingredients together into crumbs (I'm comfortable to do it with a fork).

2.Add ice water and roll the dough into a ball. To put for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

3.Strawberries wash and cut into quarters.

4.Roll the dough into a circle about 5mm thick, sprinkle with starch and lay out the strawberries. Sprinkle the toppings 2st.l. sugar and stung the edges of the dough towards the middle. On top of the biscuit a little brush with water and sprinkle with remaining sugar.

5.Bake in a preheated to 180 oven for 40-45 minutes until Golden brown

Author: Tanya Bondarets


Galeta with plums and nectarines and nectarine — a great combination for the filling, this tasty pie. Take only very ripe fruit, the aroma and taste will be more intense.

We need:

the dough for two biscuits

  • 300 grams of flour
  • 100 g butter
  • 50-100 ml of ice-cold water
  • a pinch of salt

  • 2 medium plums
  • 1 nectarine
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
Flour mixed with salt and butter. Add water (pour it slowly, you should get a moist crumb, ready to gather in the dough), mix well. The resulting mixture is divided into two parts. To shift the film and to form two rectangular layers. Wrap in cling film and put into the refrigerator for half an hour.

Roll out the dough (it is not necessary that exactly).

Slice the plums, peaches and apples. Spread on the dough.

Sprinkle biscuits with sugar.

Fold the loose edges of the dough to the center.

The dough can be lubricated with beaten egg. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes (or until tender).published

Author: Maria (maria's kitchen)


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