What kind of man you want to find?

The QUESTIONNAIRE FOR the FULFILLMENT of DESIRESdoes Not know how men, but we women in the majority of the fair sex from childhood to present what you want boy, guy, boyfriend, husband. We dream, but our dreams, somehow, lead us not to the men that we saw.

If you believe that all the desires the universe is ready to execute, it is necessary to learn how to dream in detail and with intelligence.


Because, well, that's what you want man? Beautiful, smart, rich? Well, tomorrow you will meet, handsome architect on the Lexus, but he is married, an avid player, will hate animals or your mother.


So why would you ever not wanted to think about it in detail, so the universe clearly understood the task.



Once I got into the hands (or rather was advised by therapist) a questionnaire about the dream man, detailed, and what surprised me, the second part to himself. That is when you decide what man you want to find, you also need to realistically assess your chances to get it and what you are willing to do in the relationship. And the fact that and look handsome architect on the Lexus you may not be interesting...


I have this list filled out honestly, spent a couple of hours, and forgot. For reliability I have even burned the computer with all the information. But as I was surprised when after 2 months met someone who described! Met, fell in love, got married and are still happy, it's good sometimes to stop and formulate your request correctly. From all points do not coincide only one item, which is now in the process of implementation.


Since then, I have this questionnaire was sent to all her friends, and suddenly I thought – it is necessary to upload! I haven't checked, maybe he has already and in other places there are in the public domain. But I'll treasure and will delight readers with Open ze Dor. It should be noted that it is not only for women, for men too, works perfectly.






The name of the item (gender, status, partner, husband) Physical appearance the Image (clothing, hairstyle, etc.) In any social layer “rotate”. What people, of what social sphere, communicating. Manners (behaviour when dealing with the opposite sex) That it's important in life in General. What would, in General. Things have already reached in my life (business field – work, finances, self-development, status in society) do you Have children from previous relationships. How much allowable? Live with him or ex-partner? How much time he devotes to them? How fun, resting, what he likes to do (Hobbies). Need specifics. How to behave in critical situations? (Involving threats of life, family welfare, financial status). That it is Unacceptable? What not to do, to say? How to do wrong? Moral prohibitions, in other words, or rules of life. The style (way) of life. (For example, a Bohemian artist or the head of a large company or a writer or a photographer or a model or an actress or a milkmaid – all of these people lead different lifestyles.
Lifestyle – is the ratio of spheres: time for yourself, time for doing, a time to rest yourself and with loved ones). A combination is a way of life.
Can be described in one sentence (Bohemian partier or boxers or entrepreneur, and it is immediately clear you are talking about). You can paint more. Do as convenient. The main thing that You CLEARLY understand what is talking. The professional activities ' sphere. Specifically or in General terms, but it was clear what the man was doing. For You can be acceptable in some areas. Enter everything you can remember. Or two words to describe the range, which includes some specific areas of activity. “Creative work”, for example, is too General, because creativity is everywhere. But “creative activities related to cinema, theatre, literature” is quite specifically). Political, religious preferences Nationality Age power in the relationship, he puts himself:
At the level of What kind of relationship he wants:
Novel at the time and with the end
The novel, with the possibility of transition into a life together
Roman transition in the family.
Something else...
(Joint life and family differ in the cost of the siding. In a joint life total is not enough. In the family – a lot).
At what time he wants? Forever? While all will be well? until you get bored? For a specific period? Than it is possible to be proud of? (You, of course). (There may be repeated answers of other items). The main features of character that make it to them. The ratio of work and time for yourself and loved ones? (What first, what second, what third?) Background mental state (and facial expression). Most of the time “bad”, “neutral”, “good”. The suitable person:-) How to resolve a difficult situation in a relationship? Making, if you have the opposite opinion, and to agree no? How come, if not in the mood? A household is involved? What? Likes or does, because asking for? How many times a week he wants sex? (when was your first crush). Relation to experiments the Health and habits of Jealousy? What is permissible? To what extent? Expresses the claim immediately or saves? How to react to criticism, which is made in an unacceptable way for him? Is there any expensive Hobbies that require your financial assistance? What type of family he wants? Types of family: Swedish, guest, temporary, classic, Patriarchal, etc. Personal and sexual freedom: he prefers loyalty? Or allows himself to anyone else, except You? If so, it will arrange to do it in secret or he definitely wants You to know about it (the openness)? What does he expect from You? 3cafc83c8f.jpg


About THEMSELVESin order to perform themselves, their strengths and weaknesses create a detailed LIST.


Habits (in life, in food, in recreation, in education, etc.). Life habits, in other words.The quality of the nature (persistent or stubborn, direct and careful on turns, etc.). Mannerisms (speech, behavior) the Image – clothes, etc. Way of life (whether there is a time for love, joint rest, etc.), My social level – class society of hard work – like or dislike the work? Do the job or working on any? What I know:
• Material
• Social (relationships, Dating)
• Intangible (knowledge, abilities, skills)
• Spiritual – my personal level of development.
• Physically, the body (evaluation on the basis of adopted nowadays the criteria of beauty).
• Background expression (sometimes “bricks” or “I'm good, you're good”)
• The level of happiness (usually feeling: unhappy, happy or no (normal)).
• The soul in difficult situations prone to fight or peace talks? And if you bring the situation to the maximum? If not in the mood – what's happening? The household – like cooking, love or not? But if not in the mood, what then? Leadership – who's the boss in the relationship? That is, who decides when there are opposing views, and to negotiate time? Sex do you love sex? How often? Can you make the sex good? What to do if my beloved wants, and I don't? How often do I have a “headache”? Ready to adapt to the habits of another? Experimenting “beyond”? Will have my healthy and beautiful children? Can I work as a mother (father)? What I have learn my children what they will do in life: nice people or something more? I have a tendency to be a victim? If I'm to blame, “bite”, if possible? If I tend to sit back and shift the work to a loved one? Do I get jealous? (not important: there is a reason or not). Did I claim at once or hoarding? How you react to criticism if it is made in a form that is unpleasant to me? Do I have expensive Hobbies that do not generate income? Do I need a financial help? If I have an apartment where I if something can move out? If I have a job that, if anything, will feed me? How people feel near me? Who do they feel? I “pick”, “omit” or do nothing? My behavior in difficult situations?

Well, a logical list! Good luck and let your dreams come true! published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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